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Both were alike bloody and unscrupulous; and the rule of the Senate meant corruption and imbecility, and the rule of the democracy meant anarchy. "Unum hoc dico: nostri isti nobiles, nisi vigilantes et boni et fortes et misericordes erunt, iis hominibus in quibus haec erunt, ornamenta sua concedant necesse est." Pro Roscio Amerino, sec. 48.

She had never heard English before. "Ditelo ancora!" she cried, eagerly. They went but together on to the plateau and stood looking seaward. "I must make haste!" he said, speaking slowly and dividing the words. "Hi maust maiki 'ai isti!" she repeated, trying to imitate his accent. He burst out laughing. She pouted. Then she laughed, too, peal upon peal, while the sunlight grew stronger about them.

Nay, then, the three children should not have been idolaters, if they had kneeled before Nebuchadnezzar’s image, intending their worship to God only, and not to the image. Our opposites here take the Nicodemites by the hand. But what saith Calvin? Si isti boni sapientesque sophistae ibi tum fuissent, simplicitatem illorum trium servorum Dei irrisissent.

Why, I can find only one dictator and one consul in the Hortensian family; the dictator in the year of Rome, 467, when the Commons revolted; and the Consul, Quintus Hortensius, the grandfather of the speaker, who, perhaps, however, reckoned in the ancestors also in his mother's line": "Vaniloqua hominis oratio et falsa! Ubi enim isti tot consules, tot dictatores?

Post regem cum reuerentia accedunt, et vnguntur Barones, principes, et post ipsos caeteri ordinati quicunque attingere possint, putantes se sanctificari per rem penitus non valentem, imo nimis foetidam, et inhostem. Praeterea populi isti colunt Idola facta ad medium in forma humana, et ad medium in forma bouis.

These gentlemen deal in regeneration: but at any price I should hardly yield my rigid fibres to be regenerated by them, nor begin, in my grand climacteric, to squall in their new accents, or to stammer, in my second cradle, the elemental sounds of their barbarous metaphysics. Si isti mihi largiantur ut repuerascam, et in eorum cunis vagiam, valde recusem!

Illustrissimo Principi Duci de Medina Sidonia. Illustrissime Princeps, literas ab excellentia vestra hodie accepimus: quae vero nostra sit ad illas responsio, nobiles isti viri, qui vestras literas ad nos pertulerunt: plenius declarabunt.

They consummate at Comb, Vernon's house. Crescit indulgent isti. I am sure I shall never say anything to lessen the just and natural esteem which you have for her, but when there is grafted on that what may make you uneasy, I must be an enemy to that or to yourself, and you know, I am sure, how incapable I am of that.

The establishment of permanent diocesan organizers is the answer. What they have done, why could we not do? "Quod isti cur non et nos?"

Qui isti? Daemones. For our better understanding of this matter, we must distinguish two sorts of idolothites, both which we find, 1 Cor. x. Of the one, the Apostle speaks from the 14th verse of that chapter to the 23d; of the other, from the 23d verse to the end. This is Beza’s distinction in his Annotations on that chapter.