And so the Vigilantes went in and up along the lower ways. There were those among them who had been here before, who from time to time had accompanied the snow-packer on his nightly trips just for the curiosity of the thing.

"Then I'm off for blue water!" cried the captain. "And I for the mountains!" said Martinez. "The mules are all packed and the horses saddled. The vigilantes must wear sharp spurs if they catch us." It was a hurried parting that of the smuggler and his bride with the captain and mate of the Zanthe. But they got safely on shore, and the whole band effected their escape.

Ten men under Hawk and ten under Dancing made the supporting party for the vigilantes, who asked only that a line of retreat be kept open. This Stanley had undertaken to provide.

Doctor Arnold, however, was summoned, and Stanley finally determined that the matter should be left to the surgeon himself he could go if he wished. Arnold did not hesitate in his decision. "It is my duty to go," he decided briefly. "I don't quite see that," muttered Atkinson. The white-haired surgeon turned to the leader of the vigilantes. "It is not a matter of personal inclination, Atkinson.

"That would have been a little too much!" smiled Bennett. "It was takin' some risk to let him off as easy as we did. It isn't so long since the Vigilantes." "Oh, hell, we can handle that sort of trash now," snorted Webb. "Who was backing Mex, anyway?" asked Rowlee curiously. "Better ask who had it in for Rucker," suggested the fourth member of the group, a man who had not heretofore spoken.

His first intimation of trouble was the hearing of the resonant tramp of feet outside. His second was when Sheriff Scannell stood before him with the Vigilantes' note in his hand. Casey took one glance at Scannell's face. "You aren't going to betray me?" he cried. "You aren't going to give me up?"

He was sinking slowly, despite his rugged strength, his will to live and the unceasing efforts of the city's best physicians. The Law and Order Party was being organized out of various elements that viewed alarmedly the Vigilantes' growing power. Religious, political, social elements combined in this new faction.

That lion of the Vigilantes had but to rouse himself and shake his ears, and the whole brawling mob was silenced.

She rocked herself to and fro beside her kitchen stove, her thoughts and fears rioting through body and mind, until she sat shivering with terror in the warmth of her own fireside. It was nearly nine o'clock in the evening and the vigilantes were due back in the village before midnight. What would be their news? What ? She paused, listening fearfully.

This was news to him. Broderick went on: "The Governor's indirectly forced their hand. Coleman knows that violent forces are at work to overthrow his Vigilantes; that the Governor's aiding them. So he's decided to strike." "Tomorrow, eh!" said Adrian thoughtfully. "That means bloodshed, probably." Broderick turned a gloomy countenance toward him.