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"You can't go in that room." "Why can't I?" "Because that's the orders; and you can't smoke in this room." Bart Stirling spoke in a definite, manly fashion. Lemuel Wacker dropped his hand from the door knob on which it rested, and put his pipe in his pocket, but his shoulders hunched up and his unpleasant face began to scowl. "Ho!" he snorted derisively, "official of the company, eh?

"Doan' yo' talk to me, chile," she burst out at sight of Natalie. "Doan' yo' dast talk to me!" Natalie threw her arms about her. "You poor mammy," she murmured. "Aren't you hurt?" "Hurt!" snorted mammy. "Yo' mammy mought 'a' been killed ef she didn' carry her cushions along wif 'er pu'sson."

Marmaduke, and were soon, perhaps, to entangle Dorothy. She had begged me not to ride, and I was risking a life which might save hers. The wind rushing in my ears and beating against my face awoke me all at once. The trees ran madly past, and the water at my right was a silver blur. The beast beneath me snorted as he rose and fell.

"I only bought ther car a week ago, and I've spent more time under it than in it, ever since." "It's not very bad just a little blow-out," announced Ralph, who had been examining the wheel. "Got a jack and an emergency kit?" "Sure!" snorted Buck Bradley. "Here, you excuse for a chaffer, git ther hospital outfit, and hurry up."

The Englishman snorted: "According to his custom, you know, it isn't the proper thing to mention his ladies in public." "You are frightfully unjust. Captain Kerissen's customs are the customs of the civilized world, and he is very anxious to have his country become modernized." "Then let him send his sisters out walking with fellow officers.... For him to walk beside you "

"Me be kind to that fat, pig-stealing, sausage-grinding " snorted the Colonel, but the attorney stopped him with a lifted hand. "Just what I said," exclaimed the attorney. "You are too kind; too considerate; too regardful of his feelings. But would he be so kind and considerate and regardful of your feelings, if he was in your place?"

If he's there yet, I bid for an invite to the 'swatfest. Or maybe" a horrible possibility forced itself upon Pink "maybe you'll kill the fattest maverick and fall on his neck " "The maverick's?" Rowdy's brows were rather pinched together, but his tone told nothing. "Naw; Harry Conroy's a fellow's liable to do most any fool thing when he's got schoolma'amitis." "That so?" Pink snorted.

"You've heard what my tenant rascals have done?" he grunted, settling in his chair and stretching his fat legs. "Yes, sir," I said. "What d' ye think of it? Eh? What d' ye think?" "I think it is very pitiful and sad to see these poor creatures leaving their little farms to face the British regulars and starvation." "Face the devil!" he snorted. "Nobody forces 'em!"

"Go to blazes; that wasn't no love letter!" snorted Lucas, indignantly. "That was my quarterly report. I never did write no love letters, nohow." "We'll trim you fellers to-night, if you've got the nerve to play us," grinned Johnny, expectantly. "Yes; an' we've got that, too. Give us the cards, Cowan," requested Wood Wright, turning.

"Not without warrant from Higley, and Higley is out of town. Ross'll have to hold 'em till Higley gets back, or else take 'em over to Chauvenet," Lize snorted. "Old Higley! Yes, he's been known to disappear before when there was some real work to be done."