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I'll hev some scones in t'oven in naw time, an' theer's finger biscuits, an' wi' buttered toast an' sum o' t'best jams, if they don't hev enuf to eat they ought to. Then, dropping her voice, she asked with a hurried change of tone, 'Did ye ask un' hoo his daater is? Mrs. Thornburgh started. Her pastoral conscience was smitten. She opened the gate and waved violently after the cart.

The question was eager. "'Sides, he knowed you'd had edicashun, an' he knowed how you looked on his way o' livin'. He didn't know but " "You mean he didn't trust me, Sam?" Sam felt the keen eyes upon him even hi the darkness. "Naw, he didn't tink you'd snitch on him ner nothin', but he didn't know but you might tink you had to do some tings what might kick it all up wid him.

Sitting smiling by the window, he looked as if he had lots of fun in him, if he only had a fair chance of letting it off. He told us that he was a "tackler" by trade. A tackler is one who fettles looms when they get out of order. "Couldn't you get on at Horrocks's?" said my friend. "Naw," replied he; "they'n not ha' men-weighvers theer." The wife said," We're a deal better off than some.

"W'y, he done gib her powdered charcoal! Dat finish Pechunia. She nebber tried to buy nottin' mo' for her complexion naw, indeedy!" The girls of the old Corner House learned that Neale was up early on Monday morning, having remained in hiding the remainder of Sunday. He sought out a neighbor who had a pair of sheep-shears, and Mr. Murphy cropped the boy's hair close to his scalp.

I know yuh to a fare-yuh-well! Brung a cor'ner, did yuh? Tha's all right goin' t' need a cor'ner-but he won't set on Casey Ryan's remains you c'n ask anybody if any cor'ners ever set on Casey Ryan yit! Naw." Casey snarled as contemptuously as was possible to a man in his condition. "No cor'ner ever set on Casey Ryan, an' he ain't goin' to!" The men glanced questioningly at one another.

I shall never get tired of hearing how my husband died. He must have been brave to cling to the boat." "You bet he was, and if ever you need money, you come to me, for I'm the boy that's got it in the yellow!" Corkey bows himself down the steps. There two managers of museums implore a few moments' conversation. They tender their cards. "Naw!" says Corkey, "we don't want no museum."

If he's there yet, I bid for an invite to the 'swatfest. Or maybe" a horrible possibility forced itself upon Pink "maybe you'll kill the fattest maverick and fall on his neck " "The maverick's?" Rowdy's brows were rather pinched together, but his tone told nothing. "Naw; Harry Conroy's a fellow's liable to do most any fool thing when he's got schoolma'amitis." "That so?" Pink snorted.

Naw, I don’t reckon so!” said Miranda. “Don’t you worry. David’s all right somehow. I’ll take care o’ you. You go ’long up and see what’s the business, an’ I’ll wait here out o’ sight o’ the tavern. Likely’s not he might take a notion not to tell you ef he see me come along with you. You jest go ahead, and I’ll be on hand when you get through.

John Backhouse no sooner saw his daughter than his dull weather-beaten face flamed into violence. With an oath he raised the heavy whip he held in his hand, and flung himself towards her. 'Naw, ye'll not du'at! cried Jim, throwing himself with all his feeble strength on to his brother's arm. John swore and struggled, but the old man stuck like a limpet.

'I've naw time scrubbin-days to be foolin about wi things out o' hours. I've nobbut just got straight and cleaned mysel. They can sit down and warm theirsels. I conno say they feature ony of yor belongins, Reuben. And she went to put Louie on the settle by the fire. But as the tall woman in black approached her, the child hit out madly with her small fists and burst into a loud howl of crying.