We would drill all day and after dark it would be night 'ops. Finally so many men were going to the doctor worn out that he ordered a whole day and a half of rest. Mr. Blofeld on Saturday night suggested that, as we were going into the Somme within a few weeks, the non-coms ought to have a little blow-out. It would be the last time we would all ever be together.

The Noble Seven were to have a great "blow-out" at the Hill brothers' ranch. The Duke had got home from his southern trip a little more weary-looking and a little more cynical in his smile. The "blow-out" was to be held on Permit Sunday, the alternate to the Preaching Sunday, which was a concession to The Pilot, secured chiefly through the influence of Hi and his baseball nine.

And I promised I'd give the crowd a big blow-out here next week. I sent to mother for the money, and told her about it, and she won't even send me another box of goodies." "That is too bad," observed Nancy, with a faint smile. "Isn't it?" exclaimed Cora. "And they'll all say Number 30 is so mean! I hate to have our room get that name."

An' who mon you be that donna know that the oud lady up at Houghton is giving a grand blow-out to her gran'child, Lord Hope's daughter, an' to Lady Hope, as people thought she would never abide in her sight?" "And is Lord and Lady Hope at the castle?"

Tom, Harry and Mr. Prenter jumped, landing safely aboard. "How did the enemy come to catch you napping, Corbett?" Tom inquired good-humoredly. "They didn't catch me napping, sir," protested Foreman Corbett. "It is the strangest thing, sir -that explosion. Why, I had had my light turned on that very part of the wall at least a dozen times in the last half-hour before the blow-out came.

They slowed down before crossing the bridge when suddenly there was a terrific report, like an explosion, which startled them so that they almost jumped out of their skins. Harold applied the brakes quickly, and swung the car sharply towards the side of the road. "Good night!" he exclaimed; "a blow-out! I was a fool to leave that bum shoe on the rear! And the spare is perfectly new!"

"We must have had a blow-out," he said, bringing the car to a noisy stop. "Wait a second, while I get out and see." It was all too true. A large nail had passed straight through one of the front tires. He stripped off his ulster, and the coat of his dress-suit, and turned up his immaculate trousers. "You'll have to get up for a minute, while I get the tools from under the seat, Sylvia.

They can make speeches hours long. 'How many are there? 'By the time we ship 'em all over they'll be perhaps a hundred, counting children. An old world in miniature. Can't you see it? 'M-yes; but I've got to pay for it if it's a blow-out, dear man. 'They can sing the old war songs in the streets.

A scout is supposed to save life, scout law number six; let's have a couple of thousand hot dogs, will you? We're dying. And forty-eleven dozen doughnuts with the holes removed." "Do you I eh do you need any tire tape?" Pee-wee stammered, playing for time. "Tire tape! What do you take us for? A lot of blow-outs? Let's have some eats and we'll take care of the blow-out."

My amused negative to the query, and intimation that I had no "steady," were gratefully received, and warranted the suggestion that, as a matter of course, I liked to go to balls. "My pleasure club has a blow-out next Sunday night," he remarked significantly, as I gathered up my trimmings and departed. During my five minutes' absence the most exciting event of the day had occurred.