Has the Illustrissimo any further commands? 'None, began the Chevalier; then, suddenly, 'This unhappy infant is it healthy? Did it need any of your treatment? 'Signor, no. It was a fair, healthy bambina of a year old, and I heard the mother boasting that it had never had a day's illness.

I had the honour to purchase from her certain jewels, that the Eccellenza will probably redeem; and even pardon, sir I cut off and bought of her, her hair. 'Her hair! exclaimed the Chevalier, in horror. 'The miserable girl to have fallen so low! Is it with you, fellow? 'Surely, Illustrissimo.

The landlord looked after him, muttering to himself: "Ah! so not finding the excellent young signor, he has turned his back on the beautiful young signora. I know it! The other ancient and illustrious signor, who raised the devil in Beppo's cottage last year, and carried off the bride, was her father; but this illustrissimo is his father, wherefore he cares not to bring away the lovely signora."

You wander around through the aisles of trim-cut lime-trees, bullied and overborne by the insolent statues, and expect at every turn to come upon intriguing spectres in bag-wigs, immense hoops and patches. How can you feel sympathy for those dull and wicked ghosts of eighteenth-century corruption? Illustrissimo never looked at accounts. He said to his steward, "Caro veccio, fe vu.

Illustrissimo Principi Duci de Medina Sidonia. Illustrissime Princeps, ex nonnullis quibusdam Hispanis intelligimus, Excellentiam vestram iam nunc esse apud portam S. Mariae.

We had given advice, and were preparing to go, when another candidate comes forward, and, with suitable gesticulation, so placed his hands that we could not help saying, "Liver, eh?" "Eccelenza, si!" "Dopo una febbre?" "Illustrissimo, si!"

I left the cathedral tired out, dazed with weariness and sunlight, and fell asleep in a chair as soon as I got back to my room, on the fifth floor of the Albergo dell' Agnello. I had been asleep for about an hour, perhaps, when I thought I heard a voice near me repeating "Illustre Signore!" I did not wake. The voice continued with a murmur of sibilants: "Illustrissimo Signore!"

Like Don Sebastian, George read this precious effusion of a pompous, consequential, pig-headed official twice before commenting upon it. Then he turned to the secretary and said: "Senor, are you cognisant of the contents of this letter?" "I believe so, in a general way, Illustrissimo," answered Senor Montalvo.

Illustrissimo, Eccellenza, Altezza, will sometimes open the purse, when plain "Mosshoe" will not. The profession of a beggar is by no means an unprofitable one. A great many drops finally make a stream. The cost of living is almost nothing to them, and they frequently lay up money enough to make themselves very comfortable in their old age.

But I heard His Excellency's speech as he stood bowing in the doorway when the guards led Tristan forth a model of courtesy one would have said for I could see him through a parting in the arras though I risked my life in standing there 'Her Majesty' said the Bernardini very fair of speech 'doth surely owe such escort to the Illustrissimo, the Seigneur de Giblet, for the attention he would fain have offered in his own person to King Janus, in his Episcopal Palace before he wore the crown of the realm. And the Seigneur de Giblet, not to be outdone being Cyprian answers him very proud and cold 'Is your Excellency ever so faithful to reward a service contemplated, but not achieved? For he had meant to smother the King in his sleep that night, if Janus had not escaped to Egypt."