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But even then how merciful was God! He took pity on our poor degraded parents and promised that in the fullness of time He would send down from heaven One who would redeem them, make them once more children of God and heirs to the kingdom of heaven: and that One, that Redeemer of fallen man, was to be God's only begotten Son, the Second Person of the Most Blessed Trinity, the Eternal Word.

"Exactly. There isn't much credit in my doing you favors." "Don't think I am ungrateful, Mr. Gale; I appreciate all you have done for me." "I understand you, Andy, and I like you better for what you have done. What further plans have you?" "I should like to get John a place, and give him a chance to redeem himself. He needs a friend badly." "He shall have one. We will both help him."

He must redeem his pledge, he can and will redeem it, if he will only follow the bent of his genius and grapple with the heroic labor of writing a great history. And this was the achievement he was already meditating. In the mean time he was studying history for its facts and principles, and fiction for its scenery and portraits.

When, however, we reached New Bedford, he took our baggage, including three music-books, two of them collections by Dyer, and one by Shaw, and held them until I was able to redeem them by paying to him the amount due for our rides. This was soon done, for Mr.

If any of their people are known to be made slaves, all the Fulis will join to redeem them; they also support the old, the blind, and lame, amongst themselves; and as far as their abilities go, they supply the necessities of the Mandingos, great numbers of whom they have maintained in famine."

The true, practical preaching is that which brings the celestial truths of our nature and our destiny, the powers of the world to come and the terrors and promises of our relationship to the Divine Being, to bear upon our present duties, to animate and elevate our daily life, to sanctify the secular, to redeem the common from its loss of wonder and praise, to make the familiar give up its superficial tameness, to awaken the sense of awe in those who have lost or never acquired the proper feeling of the spiritual mystery that envelops our ordinary life.

"But my love must not talk." She began to sing again. "O what shall I do, my Saviour to praise! So faithful and true, so plenteous in grace. So good to deliver, so strong to redeem The weakest believer that hangs upon him." "O that's good, Juanita!" said Daisy. "Hush! Juanita, it is very late for anybody to be out riding!" "Who is out riding, Miss Daisy?" "I don't know I hear a horse's feet.

He immediately began: "I had," said he, "appointed this day; but your impatience anticipated it. All, however, may yet be right. Take my advice redeem your shadow, which is at your command, and return immediately to the ranger's garden, where you will be well received, and all the past will seem a mere joke.

Another important event which greatly helped our movement in 1914 was the protest of the National Trade Union Congress on February 12th against the Government's failure to redeem its repeated pledges to women and demanding "a Government Reform Bill which must include the enfranchisement of women."

In a national work, a man of genius pledges his honour to the world for its performance; but to redeem that pledge, there is a darkness in the uncertain issue, and he is risking his honour for ever. By that work he will always be judged, for public failures are never forgotten, and it is not then a party, but the public itself, who become his adversaries.