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The region is one better suited for the employment of cavalry and artillery than for that of foot-soldiers. The Chartres country is better watered than Beaude. Westward, in both of the districts of Perche, going either towards Mortagne or towards Nogent-le-Rotrou, the country is more hilly and more wooded; and hedges, ditches, and dingle paths abound there.

But they can run the seven cardinal virtues, and the seven other virtues, off by rote. When she had finished, to my astonishment, she said to me, exactly this: "It is Nature that is God, is it not so?" An expression almost symbolical of the ignorance and credulity of the Romans is their constant axiom, Chi lo sa? The beginning of wisdom is not to fear God, but to say Perche?

"Ora a tempo perche vene andata," exclaimed Her Highness at the sound, having ordered a person to call with this signal to see me out of the palace to the Rue Nicaise, where my carriage was in waiting to conduct me home. It is not possible for me to describe the gracious condescension of the Queen and the Princesse Elizabeth, in expressing their sentiments for the accidental discovery I had made.

The forests in Le Perche are reckoned the most extensive in France, and every where abound with vast quantities of game. I was received on alighting from my horse by a M. Boderie, a good humoured hospitable man, who, with his family, are the only inhabitants of this lonesome spot.

And Fra Girolamo's mind never stopped short of that sublimest end: the objects towards which he felt himself working had always the same moral magnificence. He had no private malice he sought no petty gratification. "Se vi pare che io abbia detto poche cose, non ve ne maravigliate, perche le mie cose erano poche e grandi."

The current rumor was that heavy re-enforcements to the Gallic army were on the way." "Who were those re-enforcements?" "The tribes of Finisterre and of the north coasts, those of Lisieux, of Amiens, and of Perche. They said, even, that the warriors of Brabant were coming by sea." After translating to Caesar Albinik's answer, the interpreter resumed: "You speak true.

With luxury a king nourishes his subjects, and honors them. Under the mild heat of this luxury of kings springs the luxury of individuals, a source of riches for the people. His majesty, by accepting the gift of these six incomparable horses, would stimulate the pride of his own breeders, of Limousin, Perche, and Normandy, and this emulation would have been beneficial to all.

This gave me so much ease, that I began to recover a little life, but so leisurely and by so small advances, that my first sentiments were much nearer the approaches of death than life: "Perche, dubbiosa ancor del suo ritorno, Non s'assicura attonita la mente."

"Perhaps Tristan gave him a safe-conduct too, and the fool got drunk. And if we have good, warm blood in us we all get drunk sooner or later. Yes, and please God my time will come, but may the Saints send me far from Valmy! You think I'm talking nonsense, Uncle; but Monsieur de Perche always let me talk. He said it was better to let blow at the bung than burst the cask."

Again, face to face, two Popes, Saint Leo and Saint Gregory, and two Abbots of Monasteries, Saint Laumer and Saint Avitus, who was Prior of a House founded in the forests of Le Perche."

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