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Kurz Pacha says they put on gravestones in Sennaar three Latin words do you know Latin? if you don't come and borrow some of my books. The words are: ora pro me!" NEWPORT, August. It certainly is not papa's fault that he doesn't understand French; but he ought not to pretend to. It does put one in such uncomfortable situations occasionally.

The girl, supported on either side, was walking; the man, as limp as a corpse, was being borne along, some women carrying his shoulders, others his feet; and the bearers were also chanting, with solemn faces: "Sancta Virgo virginum, ora pro nobis." The women in the square all fell on their knees, the astonished carabinieri standing in their midst.

It waked my laughter to see how our steward, that rade with us, strave and struggled with his beast." Maude's heart was too heavy to answer; but Isabel went on chattering lightly, to a murmured under-current of "Ora pro nobis" as bead after bead, in the hands of the kneeling nun, pursued its fellow down the string of the rosary.

As we sit, they are singing in the chapel, and I hear 'Ave Maria, ora pro nobis. Then I think of you, and the tears will come to my eyes, and I try to hide my face, but the Sister understands and comforts me. 'Your father is a gallant gentleman, and the good God pities you, and will keep him in danger, and I fondle the Sister, and wonder whether any more pears have fallen.

Greet your esteemed friend from me, and arrange so that you both come to Switzerland soon; in that case something may still become of me. Adieu, dear, unique friend. Your ZURICH, August 16th, 1853. "Sancte Franzisce! ora pro nobis!"

In weaving these mystic utterances into a continuous scene, we undertake a task resembling in its perplexity that of gathering up and piecing together the fragments ora letter which has been torn and scattered to the winds. Many words of deep significance, many entire sentences, and those possibly the most important ones, have flown too far on the winged breeze to be recovered.

And if, entering, a solitary memorial of the more clouded faith which they inherited from their fathers the jewel, dimmed by its frail setting should meet the eye, start not, with the pride of knowledge, from the meek petition, "Ora pro me," enscrolled beneath that mitred effigy, worn by the thoughtless feet of the generations passed away; but believe, and fear not to do so, that "it is accepted according to that a man hath," and that the sincere devotion of the heart, even when erroneously expressed, through involuntary ignorance, shall not be rejected by that just Being who seeks not to reap where He hath not sowed; but that it may come up as holy incense before Him, when our cold, unloving, orthodox prayers, backed by our heathenish lives, and meaner offerings on the altar of our God, shall return, blighted and blighting, into our own bosoms.

Lovaina hugged me to her capacious bosom, the Dummy stroked my back a moment, and I was off for the cannibal isles. A letter from Fragrance of the Jasmine, to Frederick O'Brien, at Sausalito, California: "Ia ora na oe! Maru: "Great sorrow has come to Tahiti. The people die by thousands from a devil sickness, the grippe, or influenza.

In rendering or naming him, therefore, punctilious accuracy of phrase is not so much to be sought as accessibility and currency; everything which may best enable the Emperor and his precepts volitare per ora virum It is essential to render him in language perfectly plain and unprofessional, and to call him by the name by which he is best and most distinctly known.

"Miss Alice Harvey says they're much better when they're not quite ripe. Ora tried some and they were fine, but they took a lot of sugar." "Thank you for remembering us," said Miss Ada as she received the offering. "How much, Ellis?" "Nawthin'. They're easy to pick and there's plenty of 'em," he made reply. Miss Ada accepted the gift in the spirit in which it was intended.