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Have you been reading the 'Anatomy of Melancholy, or something by one of the new British female novelists? You will have la grippe in your mind if you don't look out. But I know what you need. Come with me, and I will do you good." So saying, he drew me out of clanging Broadway into one of the side streets that run toward the placid region of Washington Square.

The big out-of-doors must seem inexpressibly good to him. My neighbor John taught me how to spray my trees, and now, when I walk through my orchard and see the smooth trunks and pick the beautiful, smooth, perfect apples, I feel that sense of freedom that can come only through a knowledge of the truth. I haven't looked up the etymology of grippe, but the word itself seems to tell its own story.

This was doing well for a young fellow not quite twenty-five, and his family were very proud of him. He was too valuable to his employers to be easily spared, and except for the enforced leisure of the grippe it might probably have been years before he felt free to make his sisters in Colorado a visit, in which case nothing would have happened that did happen.

It is in times of enforced physical idleness that most of Tish's ideas come to her, and Aggie had reminded me of that fact on the way over. "You remember, Lizzie," she said, "how last winter when she was getting over the grippe she took up that correspondence-school course in swimming. She's reading, watch her books. It'll probably be suffrage or airships."

+Variations in the Behavior of the Germ of Syphilis.+ Differences in the behavior of the same germ in different people are very familiar in medicine and are of importance in syphilis. As an example, the germ of pneumonia may be responsible for a trifling cold in one person, for an attack of grippe in the next, and may hurry the next person out of the world within forty-eight hours with pneumonia.

The little school that the priest started had been long since abandoned. It was only the preservation of life that one thought of in these days. And recklessness had made the men desperate. To the ravages of disease were added horrible murders. Moral health is always low when physical health is so. Give a nation two winters of grippe, and it will have an epidemic of suicide.

All the year round they had been serving as cogs in the great packing machine; and now was the time for the renovating of it, and the replacing of damaged parts. There came pneumonia and grippe, stalking among them, seeking for weakened constitutions; there was the annual harvest of those whom tuberculosis had been dragging down.

But somehow we have fed and clothed 'em all, and we couldn't spare one o' the kiddies. There's James, too, you know. He came last winter, just after Steve had the grippe and pneumonia; that was a pull. But it doesn't seem right to to keep them from coming and when you love each other "

"I'm going to rub your chest and arms." Slater obeyed, with some reluctance, pausing to inquire, doubtfully: "You ain't stripping me down so you can operate?" "Nonsense!" "I'm feeling pretty good again." "It's well to take these things early. They all look alike at the beginning." "What things?" "Grippe, gumbago, smallpox " "God'lmighty!" exclaimed Slater with a start.

I was to speak "on anything growing out of the late war with Spain." How that war resembles the grippe! You remember the medical definition by an authority no less high than our present distinguished Secretary of State.