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Dick, old chap," exclaimed Earle, turning to his friend, with one hand outstretched in offered help while the other grasped a smoking pistol "well fought! Are you hurt at all?" "N-o, I think not," replied Dick, a little doubtfully, as with the help of the other's proffered hand he scrambled to his feet.

"I suppose there's no use I must go and tell Mac about this." "Wait," she said. He stopped, gazing at her doubtfully. "I'm tearing down the tenement at Number 9." "Tearing it down?" "As a confession that that you were right. But I didn't know I owned it. Truly I didn't. You'll believe that, won't you?" "Of course," he cried eagerly. "I did know it, but too late."

I know a great change has been wrought, somehow, thanks to a man who insisted on having his own way when I didn't want to let him. You expect to stay in this cottage all winter?" "All winter, and all spring. Imagine us by a splendid fire in this good fireplace." "I hope it won't smoke on windy days." Leaver looked doubtfully at it.

Lawrence, a rich, childless old lady, lived next door, and about four o'clock she went over there. The girl watched her departure doubtfully, but the possibility of not having a large wedding kept her from giving a full expression to her feelings. Esther had always dreamed of her wedding; she had looked forward to it just as definitely before she met Joe Elsworth as after her engagement to him.

"Good luck enough, I think," I answered, with a great hand grip. "I had not yet let myself wonder how long it would be before I saw home again." His face fell, and he looked doubtfully at me. "I cannot take you home, Wilfrid; I am flying thence myself. The Danish chief will set you ashore somewhere at his first chance, he says." "Why, what is amiss again?"

The barometer of hope went up several degrees in Charles's breast. "Could I see her?" he eagerly said. "I'll ask, sir. What name, please?" "No name. Mrs. Pursill would not know it. But my business is very important." The maid looked at him doubtfully, and left him standing there while she disappeared within.

Anson had gone directly to her chicken yard, and they could see her feeding her hens and shutting them up for the night, evidently in great haste. "Well, I guess she knows," returned Meg doubtfully. "I heard Daddy say she and Mr. Anson knew more about the weather than most folks, 'cause they've lived 'way out here so long and watched it. Let's hurry."

Paint and chignons, slang and vaudevilles, knowing "Anonymas" by name, and reading doubtfully moral novels, are in themselves small offences, although not many years ago they would have appeared very heinous ones, yet they are quick and tempting conveyances on a very dangerous high-road.

"Wot fo' is yo' a prisoner yeah?" asked Columbus Washington, as he gazed at Jack's bonds curiously. "Dr. Mackey made me a prisoner." "What, dat man!" ejaculated Old Ben. "Yes, Ben; he had me taken from the stable, where I had gone to watch that guerrilla." "And where am de guerrilla?" "Dr. Mackey helped him to escape." The faithful old colored man shook his head doubtfully.

These thoughts troubled her as she went down the Street. She paused irresolutely before one of the principal bookstores. "I ought to have some tracts," she said, doubtfully, to herself; "they always take tracts when they go district visiting; I know that from hearing Mrs. Whipple talk; what is this but a district visiting; only Dr.

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