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"No," said Ralph, "but you made me promise to keep my shoulders back, and I am trying to to do it now." And his manner of assisting Winsome to gather her flowers for her wedding bouquet was, when you come to think of it, admirably adapted for keeping the shoulders back. "Meg waked me this morning," said Winsome suddenly. "She did, did she?" remarked Ralph ineffectively, with a quick envy of Meg.

She tightened her grip on the bundle which Georgina thrust under her arm, and looked down at it. "Them pitiful old stiff fingers of his'n!" she exclaimed. "They sure make a botch of sewing, but they don't ever make a botch of being kind. Well, I'm off now. Guess you'd better run in and set with Mis' Darcy for a spell, for she's waked up real natural and knowing now, and seems to crave company."

She made a noise in her throat, that might at once have appeared accidental and been successful in its purpose of arousing them; but there was no response. She would have gone in and frankly waked Janet, who was not yet thirteen and reasonable; but experience had shown her that Camilla, reposing in the eminence and security of two years more, would permit no such light freedom with her slumbers.

Early the next morning I waked, and there was Voban sitting just outside the alcove, looking at me. I sat up in bed and spoke to him, and he greeted me in an absent sort of way. He was changed as much as I; he moved as one in a dream; yet there was the ceaseless activity of the eye, the swift, stealthy motion of the hand.

It would not have troubled her if he had never slept again. It was absurd of him to think she cared whether he slept or waked. "Thinking of you " he added, and seemed to wait for some reward. "I am going in," was all she said. "Not yet. That's all you ever say to me. I wish you'd have a ring." "But I will not!" "Something, then," he begged.

Tom ate it, however, having nothing better, and when Judie waked he offered her a softer ear, which he had carefully selected and laid aside. Judie tried but couldn't eat it. She was faint and almost sick, and found it impossible to swallow the raw corn. "Poor little sister," said Tom. "If I had any fire I'd roast a potato for you to-day anyhow, but the fire's all out and I can't."

They think there's a big force here, unt so we won't be disturbed till morning." "Then I'll go in and let her out," said Shorty. The other inmates of the cabin were asleep when he entered, but they waked up, and begged him not to let the woman out until morning.

They rowed all night long, and then they rowed and paddled all the next day without taking any rest. It was not until the evening of the second day that they felt they had passed out of the greatest danger. The Indians slept late the morning after the feast. When they waked at last, they came out of their huts one by one, and went toward the French house.

'Coon comes tripping along here to-night he will get his sitting. If you happen to find yourself waked up by a dazzling flash, Frank, please poke me out, because I'd like to come and get my camera. It might rain later in the night, you see, and ruin it for me." Frank, knowing how much store his comrade set by that little black box, readily gave the desired promise.

At that very time the old lady had just fallen asleep after a prolonged fit of "nervous agitation"; these fits of agitation always overtook her after too hearty a supper. The sudden bark waked her up: her heart palpitated, and she felt faint. "Girls, girls!" she moaned. "Girls!" The terrified maids ran into her bedroom. "Oh, oh, I am dying!" she said, flinging her arms about in her agitation.