The Kirks, if I mistake not, have different collections of hymns, which, till recent years, were contemned as 'things of human invention, and therefore 'idolatrous. But hymns are now in use, as also are organs, or harmoniums, or other musical instruments. Thus the faces of the Kirks are similar and sisterly: Facies non omnibus una Nec diversa tamen, qualem decet esse sororum.

"Habitus corporum varii; atque ex eo argumenta, seu durante originis vi, seu procurrentibus in diversa terris, positio coeli corporibus habitum dedit." He had the good fortune to live at a period when theories were less numerous; and, like me, he was struck by seeing the natives equally bronzed under the Line, in the cold climate of the Cordilleras, and in the plains.

Whoever shall desire the good of his country, as I do, without fretting or pining himself, will be troubled, but will not swoon to see it threatening either its own ruin, or a no less ruinous continuance; poor vessel, that the waves, the winds, and the pilot toss and steer to so contrary designs! "In tam diversa magister Ventus et unda trahunt."

Proximi Gallis et similes sunt; seu durante originis vi, seu procurrentibus in diversa terris, positio coeli corporibus habitum dedit. In universum tamen aestimanti, Gallos vicinum solum occupasse, credibile est; eorum sacra deprehendas, superstitionum persuasione; sermo haud multum diversus."

But since such is our fate, that we can no longer fight side by side as friends, let us at least act as generous enemies. You cannot have forgotten, 'O gran bonta dei caralieri antiqui! Erano nemici, eran' de fede diversa'

Sozomen tells us, that men were left to their own judgment about the keeping of Easter, Jerome saith of the feasts which the church in his time observed, that they were pro varietate regionum diversa. The first who established a law about any festival day, is thought to have been Pius I, bishop of Rome, yet it is marked that the Asiatican doctors did not care much for this constitution of Pius.

... facies non omnibus una, Nec diversa tamen . The Bishop thought not; and said, he supposed that many pieces in Dodsley's collection of poems, though all very pretty, had nothing appropriated in their style, and in that particular could not be at all distinguished.

Facies non omnibus una, Nec diversa tamen: and yet so close is the generic likeness between flower and flower of the same lyrical garden that the first half of the quotation seems but half applicable here.

Gabriel and Satan, when he knew no combat was to follow; then he makes the good angel's scale descend, and the devil's mount quite contrary to Virgil, if I have translated the three verses according to my author's sense: "Jupiter ipse duas aequota examine lances Sustinet, et fata imponit diversa duorum; Quem damnet labor, et quo vergat pondere letum."

A composition of some importance, dating from a period about two years later than Tansillo's piece, is an 'ecloga pastorale' by the 'mestissimo giovane' Luca di Lorenzo of Siena. Two nymphs, by name Euridice and Diversa, respectively seek and shun the delights of love.