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Chapter iii. 1. Quoy qu'il soit bon de s'épargner vn trop grand soing de pratiquer vne ciuilité affectée, il faut pourtant estre exact

You can come up and get it, if you want to. And say! I've got a few broke horses ranging down here somewhere. VN brand, on left shoulder. I won't scour the hills, very bad, if I should happen to miss a cayuse. So long!" Kelly waved his hand for farewell. Keith's Masterful Wooing. Keith faced toward home, with Redcloud following at his heels like a pet dog.

Quand les chiens sont mords ou desbrayez de chiens enragez, il faut incontinent emplir vne pippe d'eau, puis prendre quatre boisseaux de sel et les ietter dedans, en meslaut fort le sel auec vn baston pour le faire fondre soudainement: et quand il sera fondu, faut mettre le chien dedans, et le plonger tout, sans qu'il paroisse rien, par neuf fois: puis quand il sera bien laue, faut le laisser aller, cela l'empeschera d'enrager.

His tour of investigation had resulted in the discovery that very extensive depredations were being made upon the VN herds by what was evidently a well-organized and shrewdly commanded band of rustlers far more audaciously aggressive than any of his previous experience.

He did not think it necessary to tell her that he had caught the cowboys of a big syndicate in the act of running a bunch of VN steers out of the country under the pretense of a general round-up, or that he had gone directly to the headquarters of the outfit with a rather peremptory request that they buy the rest of the cattle together with the brand, a suggestion that the guilty parties found it advisable to accept in view of the direct evidence with which he confronted them of not only this, but several other shady transactions of a similar nature.

Ie luy fis entendre que si vn esprit, capable des choses grandes comme le sien, cognoissoit Dieu, que tous les Sauuages induis par son exemple le voudroient aussi cognoistre." Nowhere was his magic in more requisition than in procuring a successful chase to the hunters, a point of vital interest, since on it hung the lives of the whole party.

Ten days later Brevoort arrived in Denver and the deal was fully consummated. As the possessor of a million, cowpunching lost its charms for Douglass, who resigned his connection with the VN interests.

14th. En la rencontre que l'on fait des personnes, quand on les entretient, c'est une chose malseante de leur tourner le dos & les épaules. C'est vne action impertinente de heurter la table ou d'ébranler le pupitre, dont vn autre se sert pour lire, ou pour écrire. C'est vne inciuilité de s'appuyer sur quelqu'vn, de tirer sa robbe, lors que l'on luy parle ou que l'on le peut entretenir.

Chapter iii. 3. C'est une grande inciuilité d'entreprendre de prier vn superieur de se couurir, aussi bien que de n'en pas supplier celuy

No. 174. Faenum habet vn cornu, longe fuge; dummodo risum Excutiat sibi, non hic cuiquam parcet amico. HOR. Lib. i. Sat. iv. 34. Yonder he drives avoid that furious beast: If he may have his jest, he never cares At whose expense; nor friend nor patron spares. THE laws of social benevolence require, that every man should endeavour to assist others by his experience.

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