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It has also the right and the duty of the gardener to pull up noxious weeds in his flower-beds. But the socialist vehemently repudiates both these rights. Being an ultra-individualist, he is in favour of laisser faire, where laisser faire is most indefensible and most disastrous.

His delight when that hero showed symptoms of some spirit was unbounded; and when at last he roused himself altogether from the laisser aller which had suffered so long and patiently, and fairly bade the lady leave his house and his wife to his own authority and protection, the old man sprang to his feet, and, waving his hat in the air, exclaimed in a voice which rang in stentorian tones through the house,

One had broken the paramount law of sham-Bohemia the law of "Laisser faire." The shock came not from the blow delivered, but from the blow received. With the effect of a schoolmaster entering the play-room of his pupils was that blow administered. Women pulled down their sleeves and laid prim hands against their ruffled side locks. Men looked at their watches.

I glanced through some half dozen numbers taken up at hazard, recognizing here and there an old friend for I have been an on-and-off reader in these pages for years and getting just pleasantly pricked with a number of new ideas, as to which I felt no responsibility no need of ticketing or labeling or packing them when I came suddenly upon a paper which sharply roused me from my mood of laisser aller.

He writes: “Ce fut une déclaration de la Cause dans toute sa grandeur, et jamais l’Orient n’a vu retentir le nom de Bahá dans une pareille formule.... J’ai prefère laisser l’avocat qui n’est pas Behá’í en parler.

There is a passage from Condorcet's Des Progr�s de l'esprit humain, which seems to have been written as a warning to our epoch: Le z�le religieux des philosophes et des grands n'�tait qu'une d�votion politique: et toute religion, qu'on se permet de d�fendre comme une croyance qu'il est utile de laisser au peuple, ne peut plus esp�rer qu'une agonie plus ou moins prolong�e.

Je did give her 20s. and directions para laisser sealed in paper at any time the name of the place of her being at Herringman's, my bookseller in the 'Change, by which I might go para her, and so bid her good night with much content to my mind, and resolution to look after her no more till I heard from her.

But this and everything else, trifling or not, I think myself obliged to let you know, et enfin ne n'en laisser au boute de ma plume. But I am particularly desirous to inform you of what concerns Storer, because I am persuaded that you wish to serve him. Then it is more supineness, insensibility, and natural arrogance than any desire to use me worse than another.

"La fausse honte qu'out les femmes de laisser voir leur grossesse et tout ce qui a rapport

'Il ne faut avoir nul égard aux tentations, ni leur opposer aucune résistance. Si la nature se meut, il faut la laisser agir; ce n'est que la nature! This, of course, would carry "