What is there any better than blazes for me to go to? Besides, it isn't so awful when you've got nothing else." "Oh, rot, Walker! I'm ashamed of you. I can imagine a man of your type doing almost anything else but taking to drink." Chip shrugged his shoulders with the habit acquired in French schools. "On fait ce que l'on peut. I had three resources left to me wine, woman, and song.

Then rose a frightful cry, the hoarse, hideous, indescribable cry of hopeless fear, the despairing animal-cry man utters when suddenly brought face to face with Nothingness, without preparation, without consolation, without possibility of respite ... Sauve qui peut!

Madame had not undressed at eleven o'clock, when she desired to be left alone. "Do you mean to say there is no coat gone? No wrap of any kind, nor a hat?" "Monsieur peut regarder. C'est comme je dis." The three exchanged puzzled glances. "She may be in the house," hazarded Roger at last. "We had better find out." In a few minutes they had made a tour of the entire villa.

Venise, grande et belle ville, ancienne et marchande, est bâtie au milieu de la mer. Ses divers quartiers, séparés par les eaux, forment des iles; de sorte qu'on ne peut aller de l'une

The Prussians were in their rear; the British were charging their front, and panic had seized the most brilliant cavalry the world had ever seen. "Sauve qui peut" is echoed now and re-echoed all along the crest of the plateau.

For Heaven's sake, leave the girl alone and let's save ourselves." "What?" cried Strangwise, "and abandon Minna!" "Minna is well able to look after herself," answered Bellward in a sulky voice, "it's a question of sauve qui peut now... every man for himself!" "No!" said Strangwise firmly, "we'll wait for Minna, Bellward. You exaggerate the danger.

How inferior in wit, in acuteness, in stratagem, was Douce to Vargrave; and yet Douce had gulled him like a child! Well said the shrewd small philosopher of France "On peut etre plus fin qu'un autre, mais pas plus fin que tous les autres."* * One may be more sharp than one's neighbour, but one can't be sharper than all one's neighbours.

But when he has exhausted all that allows itself to be edible in the bosom of private life, the man-eater falls loose on society, and takes to prowling, then "Sauve qui peut!" the laws rouse themselves, put on their spectacles, call for their wigs and gowns, and the Anthropophagite turned prowler is not always sure of his dinner.

He listened silently to what she had to say, and then, with a quiet smile, answered in the words of Boileau, "Le vrai peut quelquefois n'etre point vraisemblable." He showed her that there were the most grave and marked suspicions against Olivier. That La Regnie's action was by no means severe or premature, but wholly regular; indeed, that to do otherwise would be to neglect his duty as a Judge.

Many of the camels were wounded, some were dead, and valuable time was wasted, even in this disgraceful sauve qui peut, in a deadly struggle for possession of such animals as could move. Von Kerber, when it was borne in on him that to obtain a camel meant life for Mrs. Haxton and himself, shouted to her to keep close to him, and ran in front of a mounted Arab who had emerged from the melee.