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"La pâte de ces brèches est tantôt blanche, tantôt grise, et les fragmens qui y font renfermés font, les uns blancs, les autres gris, d'autres roux, et presque toujours d'une couleur différente de celle de la pâte qui les lit.

"Do you mean offer him my child?" She laughed at the intonation. "There you are once more vous autres! If you're shocked at the idea you place drolement your delicacy. I'd offer mine to the son of a chimney-sweep if the principal guarantees were there. Nanda's charming you don't do her justice. I don't say Mr.

You have your English notions, I my German; but as a man of the world in the bargain, and "gentleman," I hope, I should say, that to take a young princess's fancy, and drag her from her station is not of course, you know that the actual value of the title goes if she steps down? Very well. But enough said; I thought I was in a clear field. We are used to having our way cleared for us, nous autres.

As they were now united, they had ceased to frequent the table d'hote; but Mr. Love often invited them after the dessert, pour encourager les autres. "My dear friends," cried Mr. Love, shaking each by the hand, "I am ravished to see you.

She spoke of Madame de Stael's Delphine with detestation, of another new and fashionable novel, Amelie, with abhorrence, and kissed my forehead twice because I had not read it, "Vous autres Anglaises vous etes modestes!" Where was Madame de Genlis's sense of delicacy when she penned and published Les Chevaliers du Cygne?

They are we, we and those... and Petrusha and les autres avec lui... and I perhaps at the head of them, and we shall cast ourselves down, possessed and raving, from the rocks into the sea, and we shall all be drowned and a good thing too, for that is all we are fit for.

Rosecrans' defeat made Sherman the field-marshal of the West. At Missionary Ridge, even the invincibles of the South fled their lines in sudden impulse, giving up an almost impregnable position. The haughty old artillerist, Braxton Bragg, was forced to officially admit that stampede. He added a few dozen corpses to his disciplinary "graveyards," "pour encourager les autres."

We are all nous autres femmes like the hero of the White Ship, who is described by some delightful boy in an examination paper as being 'melted by the shrieks of a near relation." The Professor stumbled over a stone in the road, and looked back at it vindictively.

I wanted to save her from her fate. For she is une des cinq ou six creatures humaines qui naissent, dans tout un siècle, pour aimer la vérité, et pour mourir sans avoir pu la faire aimer des autres. She must suffer terribly if she goes on." This was a point upon which we differed.

"Ha! le combat commence en effet!" "Is it the Arabs who now fire?" demanded Eve, unable, in spite of terror, to repress her interest. "Non, c'est cet admirable jeune homme, Monsieur Blunt, qui devance tous les autres!" "And now, mademoiselle, that must surely be the barbarians?" "Du tout. Les sauvages fuient. C'est encore du ba teau de Monsieur Blunt qu'on tire.