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She was running through the scores of the standard operas "La Traviata," "Il Trovatore," "Martha" but as the week wore along she stopped singing again and Denver saw her down among the sycamores.

However, there could be no harm in wiring, and if the ship had got in all waste of time would be avoided. Paul got in. In this I enquired whether Mr. Harvey Farnham, of Denver, Colorado, had been among the passengers.

The very unusual occurrence created enough interest for Polly to take her mind from the burro, so she ran swiftly towards the house while every possible correspondent she could think of passed through her thoughts. But she was as much at sea as ever, when she danced up the log steps leading directly to the kitchen. "Maw, Maw! Where are you is there really a letter?" "Yes from Denver!

Hither in search of that hard exercise which is as necessary as air or food to the English temperament, came young Hay Denver when released from the toil of the City; hither, too, came Dr. Walker and his two fair daughters, Clara and Ida, and hither also, champions of the lawn, came the short-skirted, muscular widow and her athletic nephew.

Denver had to pass Granice's flat on the way to his own, and it became a habit, if he saw a light in the window, and Granice's shadow against the blind, to go in, smoke a pipe, and discuss the universe. "Well this is like old times a good old habit reversed." The editor smote his visitor genially on the shoulder. "Reminds me of the nights when I used to rout you out... How's the play, by the way?

After the Mexican who kept the Santa Cruz post-office had made the mess he always did with the mail matter, and had got the cussing he always got from Hill for doing it, they started off again coming slow through that bit of extra heavy road along by the Rio Grande, but getting to the deepo at Palomitas all serene to ketch the Denver train.

"Y'u're liable to be a grandmother to us if y'u keep on," came back the young giant. "Y'u plumb discourage me, Denver," sighed the foreman. "No, sir! The way I look at it, a fellow's got to take some risk. Now, y'u cayn't tell some things. I figure I ain't half so likely to catch pneumony as y'u would be to get heart trouble if y'u went walking with Miss Nora," returned Denver.

I'd pay twice this price for the sake of the little talk I'm going to have with him later on tonight." "All right Black Jack," muttered Denver. For it seemed to him that the voice of the lost leader had spoken. "Play the fool, then, kid. But let's feed these skates the spur! The town's boiling!" Indeed, there was a dull roar behind them. "No danger," chuckled Terry.

The despatch was from his father, and was curt and specific as a command: "Shall be in Denver on the 23d, meet me at the Palmer House. Am on my way to California. Come prepared to join me on the trip." With the letters unopened in his lap he sat in silent thought, profoundly troubled by the instant decision which this message demanded of him.

If the thieves found him later and the chances were that they would not even attempt pursuit if he let them know who he was he would force them to the expense of going to law for Chiquito. What was sauce for the goose must be for the gander too. Dave's tramp had carried him across the Platte into North Denver. On his way back he passed a corral close to the railroad tracks.

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