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Perhaps never in their history have both universities been more worthily represented than by the teams that are to contest to-day the championship of the Dominion. The McGill men are the first to appear on the campus, and are welcomed with loud and generous cheers, which are, however, redoubled upon the appearance of the 'Varsity champions. Many eyes are turned upon the Fairbanks carriage.

In other words they were the champions of a United British Empire in the eighteenth century. "The old colonial system," says that thoughtful writer Sir J.R. Seeley, "was not at all tyrannous; and when the breach came the grievances of which the Americans complained, though perfectly real, were smaller than ever before or since led to such mighty consequences."

"I did not intend to stay for lunch," said Phyllis, "but your overpowering will swept me along with it, Ella. But I hope you will let me say that I don't think you should jest about what is what some people at any rate think very serious." "Phyllis is of Philistia," said Ella, "and Philistia was always given to ordeal by champions.

The essentially aristocratic policy of England now turned to a plutocracy, the despotism of Russia and Prussia, the immense complex of all other great modern states gives such nonsense the lie. People who talk of "A struggle for supremacy between the two Teutonic champions Germany and England" are less respectable still. England is not Teutonic, and was not protagonist.

Their intimate union with God, the dazzling splendor of their personal appearance, the high honors conferred upon them, single them out at once as those champions of the faith who, while on earth, served God in a heroic degree. And they certainly served Him with distinction; for they proved their love by laying down their lives for Him.

Finally F. P. Hobgood, Jr., one of the earliest champions of woman suffrage, after a fiery speech, presented the following substitute for all the reports: "This convention recommends to the Democratic members of the General Assembly that at the approaching special session they vote in favor of the ratification of the proposed 19th Amendment to the Federal Constitution."

In point of intention this new jurisdiction of the tribunes and the aediles, and the appellate decision of the plebeian assembly therein originating, were beyond doubt just as much bound to the laws as the jurisdiction of the consuls and quaestors and the judgment of the centuries on appeal; the legal conceptions of crime against the community and of offences against order were transferred from the community and its magistrates to the plebs and its champions.

Thoughts of great deeds, of tilts and battle-fields, of champions going down before his lance, of crowns of myrtle, and the smiles of lovely ladies such already were the dreams which set his soul on fire. At seventeen Pierre received the rank of gentleman.

Ha! my grace D'Armagnac, it seems that our friends on this side will not grieve if our English champions lose the day." "It may be so, sire," the Gascon nobleman answered. "I have little doubt that in Smithfield or at Windsor an English crowd would favor their own countrymen."

Then spake Atli the king, "A fair host and a great have we, and mighty champions withal, and yet have many of us fallen, and but evil am I apaid in that nineteen of my champions are slain, and but left six alive." And therewithal was there a lull in the battle.