More than one evil-minded person has a hankering after Barney's gore since his last battle for the championship of Placer County, he explains, in which he inflicted severe punishment on his adversary and resolutely refused to give in; although his opponent on this important occasion was an imported dog, brought into the county by Barney's enemies, who hoped to fill their pockets by betting against the local champion.

'So do I; but it is very far from improvement at present, in consequence of his zeal for Guy. Guy has been very attentive and good natured to him, and has quite won his heart; so that I should positively honour him for his championship if it was not in great degree out of opposition to his father and myself.

'Quite possibly, continued McCay, 'he has told her that he will win this championship. 'If Archie's mutt enough to have told her that, said Sigsbee decidedly, 'he deserves all he gets. Waiter, two Scotch highballs. McCay was in no mood to subscribe to this stony-hearted view. 'I tell you, he said, 'I'm sorry for Archie! I'm sorry for the poor old chap. And I'm more than sorry for the girl.

They attend the college lectures, they row in a boat, and they perambulate the High Street. They are even offering a serious competition against the men. Last year they carried off the ping-pong championship and took the chancellor's prize for needlework, while in music, cooking and millinery the men are said to be nowhere.

I walked up to my ball and paused. I looked at the professor. He looked at me. "Go on," he said hoarsely. Suddenly a wave of compassion flooded over me. What right had I to torture the man like this? "Professor," I said. "Go on," he repeated. "That looks a simple shot," I said, eyeing him steadily, "but I might miss it." He started. "And then you would win the Championship."

But Tommy's gallant championship of the deserted fair one and the lieutenant's fresh flirtation had to terminate, like everything else in this world; and hardly had the last of our visitors quitted the ship than the hands were turned up to weigh anchor, the old Candahar sailing soon after daybreak and shaping a course southwards to pick up the westerly trade winds of the "Roaring Forties."

"In speaking of great individual plays that have won close games, his name should go down with Charlie Daly, Clint Wyckoff, Arthur Poe, Snake Ames and Dudley Dean, for with Reiter's splendid interference in putting out the Harvard left end, Billy Bannard's touchdown gave Princeton the confidence to carry her to victory that day and to the ultimate championship two weeks later." Harry Hooper

Oh, yes, it was one of your number who won the basketball championship for the school by making a record jump for the ball, wasn't it?" The whole group lived in the reflected glory of Sahwah the Sunfish. Now, thought Migwan resolutely, they would have something else to be proud about. In the future people would say, "The Winnebagos?

"Here you are, in a snug home, where you might live in peace and keep respectable. But no, you must associate with low characters, and go to stripping yourself naked and jumping into a ring to get your nose blooded and your head swelled and your body hammered to a jelly; and all for what? Why, for a championship! It's ridiculous. What good'll it do you if you're champion?

I don't believe he'd have held the horse, only he thought it would make you get away quicker. He hates you. Did you ever kick him or anything?" I laughed, and, telling Percy that I had never kicked the boy, I thanked him for his championship of me.