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It represents a moment in the national development when the sphere of the Count outside the city was defined against the sphere of the municipality. The Contadini are the people of the Contado, the Count's men. Fam. xi. 16, ed.

GENUS PERIALIA. FAM. RANIDAE. Tongue nearly circular, entire; palate concave, with two groups of palatine teeth between the orifices of the internal nostrils; jaw toothed; head smooth, high on the side; mouth large; eyes convex, swollen above, tympanum scarcely visible; back rather convex, high on the sides; skin smooth, not porous; limbs rather short; toes 4.5, tapering to a point, nearly free, the palms with roundish tubercles beneath; the fourth hind toe elongate, the rest rather short; the ankle with an oblong, compressed, horny, sharp-edged tubercle on the inner side at the base of the inner toe; the male with an internal vocal sac under the throat.

On one side of the Monument FACIEBAT JOHANNES BACON SCVLPTOR ANN. CHRIST. M.DCC.-LXXXXV. "Laetus sum laudari me," inquit Hector, opinor apud Naevium, "abs te, pater, a laudato viro." Cicero, Ep. ad Fam. xv. 6. To prevent any misconception on this subject, Mr. Malone, by whom these lines were obligingly communicated, requests me to add the following remark: 'In justice to the late Mr.

I invented it on a hint I got from a girl who undertakes the floral decorations for parties. I didn't see why some one shouldn't furnish suggestions for amusements, as well as flowers. I was always rather lucky at that in my own fam at my father's " She pulled herself sharply up, as if danger lay that way. "I got an introduction to Mrs. Westangle, and she's to let me try.

On this account vadimonia constituta should be translated as above 'appointments', and not 'bonds' or 'engagements' to appear in court. QUID ... SENES: sc. tibi videntur; 'what do you think of old men as lawyers, etc.? So without ellipsis, Fam. 9, 21, 1 quid tibi ego in epistulis videor?

'Dirige et sanctificare, etc., 'Vouchsafe to direct and sanctify our senses, words and actions, etc. Structure:-i. Pater, Ave, Credo, silently. 2. Deus in adjutorium. ... Domine ad adjuvandum .. with sign of the cross, Gloria Patri. ... Sicut erat. ... 3. Hymn, fam lucis. 4. Antiphon, first words only. 5.

Rinaldo saw no safer refuge than to make forthwith for the cellar where the treasures of the Bracciano fam- ily no doubt lay hid. As light of foot as Camilla sung by the Latin poet, he flew to the entrance to the Baths of Vespasian.

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Ibid., vii. 3. Ad Fam., vi. 6. The strength of the senatorial party lay in Pompey's popularity in the East. A halo was still supposed to hang about him as the creator of the Eastern Empire, and so long as he was alive and at liberty there was always a possibility that he might collect a new army.

This practice, which appears not merely in isolated instances but as a main element of the philological literature of this age, presents a very great resemblance to the mode in which till recently comparative philology was prosecuted, before insight into the organism of language put a stop to the occupation of the empirics. Ad Fam. vii. 1, 3; Ad Att. xvi. 5, 1; Sueton. Caes. 39; Plut.