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"Omnes Cardinales amicos nostros adivi; eisque demonstravi quam temere ac stulte fecerint in Roffensi in Cardinalem eligendo unde et potentissimum Regem et universum Regnum Angliæ mirum in modum lædunt et injuriâ afficiunt; Roffensem enim virum esse gloriosum ut propter vanam gloriam in suâ opinione contra Regem adhuc sit permansurus; quâ etiam de causâ in carcere est et morti condemnatus."

"You are poor creatures, both of you," said Lady Bellamy; "but we will, then, decide to go on." "Fiat 'injuria' ruat coelum," said Sir John, who knew a little Latin; and, frightened as he was, could not resist the temptation to air it.

First, I say to this that I would have such a proposal as this be so fair and so easy, that if any person who had subscribed found the payments too high and the claims fall too often, it should be at their liberty at any time, upon notice given, to be released, and stand obliged no longer; and, if so, volenti non fit injuria. Every one knows best what their own circumstances will bear.

Fair women converted into demons, and dragged by ruffianly soldiery through the streets to universal execration and pitiless death; children of tender age pinned to the earth and bayoneted; men innocent or not, shot, cut, stabbed, slashed, destroyed a whole city given up to the summa injuria of an infuriate, reckless, and brutal army! Oh France! Oh Frenchmen!

Sumus empti, saith Parcus: non igitur nostri juris ut nos mancipemus hominum servitio: id enim manifesta cum injuria redemptoris Christi fieret: sumus liberti Christi.

Boyce, why leave yourself out?" "I beg pardon, ma'am?" She made an impatient sound. "And what do you think of my hero?" "I wonder who the gentleman was, ma'am," Harry said. Her eyes fought a moment more with his bland, meaningless face. "Faith, I think he's a fool for his pains," said she. "Grateful woman," Hadley grunted. "Humph. Spretae injuria formae, ain't it, Mr. Boyce? Give miss a construe."

Finn, I believe that Oswald really loves her; and that you do not. His nature is deeper than yours." He understood it all now as he listened to the tone of her voice, and looked into the lines of her face. There was written there plainly enough that spretæ injuria formæ of which she herself was conscious, but only conscious.

"Ah! mother," cried Paul, "it would be insulting to us all to do that, 'Summum jus, summum injuria, monsieur," he said to Solonet. "And I," said Madame Evangelista, led by the hatred now surging in her heart to see a direct insult to her in the indirect appeal of Maitre Mathias, "I will tear that contract up if you do not take them."

In such a state no minister of the former can have a right to complain, for it was at his own option to have taken the latter; 'et volenti nulla fit injuria'. For an individual to demand the freedom of the independent single Church when he receives £500 a year for submitting to the necessary restrictions of the Church General, is impudence and Mammonolatry to boot. Ib. p. 141.

"I don't know whether I am doing right, sir, you being a parson. Perhaps I shall have no luck after this." "Don't be silly, Evans. Volenti non fit injuria that means, you may torture a bishop if he bids you." "There you are, sir." "Yes! here I am. Now go away and come in half an hour." "I think I had better stay, sir. You will soon be sick of it."

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