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By working upon his fears, his suspicions, by stories of plottings against his life and his kingdom, she was to infuriate him; and then, while his rage was at its height, the opportunity for action must be at hand. The marriage of Charles's sister Margaret with the young Protestant leader Henry of Navarre, with its promise of future protection to the Huguenots, was part of the plot.

And some of them went so far as to shut their eyes. And then, O king at the gate of the kitchen, the princess of Panchala saw Bhimasena staying, like an infuriate elephant of gigantic proportions.

Out of a clear sky suddenly appeared two tern, dazzling in their whiteness, and these did all in their power to infuriate the hawk and lure him from the water. But the enemy was too strong for them. A fusillade drove them off, and once again we were free to consider the case of the duck, who was still swimming anxiously about, hoping against hope.

"And is related in some way," persisted Flame, "to Edward the 2nd Duke of York." "Of that guarantee of respectability I am, of course, not quite so sure," said her Father. With a temperish stamping of feet, an infuriate yank of the door-bell, Uncle Wally's chauffeur announced that the limit of his endurance had been reached. Blankly Flame's Mother stared at Flame's Father.

Here stood Captain Duke and myself, both witnesses of a scene which many travellers have related, and their relations have invariably been treated with contempt; indeed, the veracity of those who had the temerity to relate such incredible events has been everywhere questioned. In this instance it was no warrior's flesh to be eaten; there was no enemy's blood to drink, in order to infuriate them.

That was just the sort of thing which would infuriate her; and her mood, after a Channel crossing and a dreary journey by rail, would be sufficiently dangerous as it was. The fog and the waiting had had their effect upon Derek.

Why such a thing as this a purely intellectual matter a question for quiet reasoning should infuriate you, I am at a loss to understand. We had better talk no more for the present. I must hope for another opportunity." He moved as though to withdraw, but by no means with the intention of doing so, for he durst not have left Constance in this mood of violent hostility.

She could remember only two occasions in her whole life when she had been able to manage her mother, and then by lying in such a way as to distress her conscience severely. 'If Mama has conceived this idea of coming, nothing will impede her. My prayers will infuriate her! said the Countess, and she was sure that she had acted both rightly and with wisdom.

Nothing had happened for a long time for such a long time that, in spite of the ferment within him, Mr Pickering almost began to believe that nothing would happen. The moon shone with unutterable calm. The crickets and the tree frogs performed their interminable duet, apparently unconscious that they were attacking it in different keys a fact that, after a while, began to infuriate Mr Pickering.

Then the valiant Bhima, biting his nether lip, and infuriate with rage, took up his mace in that battle, and aimed it at Shalya for the latter's destruction. With that mace of awful sound, Bhima, skilled in battle, crushed the four steeds of Shalya that were possessed of great fleetness.