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You're the last wail of a coyote dying in the dim distance. For a man that's been lynched and cut down and waiting for another yank, you certainly are mild! You're the tamest thing that ever happened. A lady could handle yuh with safety and ease. You're a children's playmate.

Denbigh somehow had me by the collar and gave me a yank, like a big dog does a little one. "See here, you young limb," he said, "I'm I'm going to " and then he suddenly stopped and looked at Peggy and began to chuckle, and Peggy laughed and turned lobster color, and put her face in her hands and just howled.

And by good chance," concluded Don Gaspar with a little show of quiet racial pride, "we find a California man and his wife, and they do their bes' for Señor Yank, who is very essick, and I think he is now dead from the tramp of the horses. And we borrow the fresh horse and come back."

If he keeps up his gait an' don't turn or twist he'll have quitted Southern territory by the end of the week. "'After makin' a complete round-up of the sityooation I begins to lose interest in this Yank; an' at last I leaves him, racin' along alone. By way of stim'lant, as I pauses I cracks off a couple of loads outen my six-shooter into the air.

I puts the muzzle on him, sort o' p'intin' between the shoulders for gen'ral results; but when it comes to onhookin' my weepon I jest can't turn the trick. It's too much like murder. Meanwhile, the flyin' Yank is stampedin' along like he ain't got a thing on his mind an' never turnin' his head. "'I calls on him to surrender.

Instantly his eyes flashed angry fire, he shot out his fist to strike me, when a neighbor said, "Don't hit him Cap, he don't know no better, he's a Yank." "Wall Yank," drawled this six feet of fighting man, "seein' ye don't know no better, I'll let ye off this time; but I don't keep no tarvern, and when me and my family come yure way, we'll all stop with yew, that'll even it up."

We discovered Johnny and Yank, and pounded each other's backs, and had drinks, and generally worked off our high spirits. Then we adjourned to a corner, lit cigars a tremendous luxury for us miners and plunged into recital.

He let it alone until he believed that it was paid out to the full. Then he gripped it with both of his powerful hands, and gave it a yank, as though he were ringing out the old year.

"The Yank Marine went over the top, Parlez Vous, The Yank Marine went over the top, Parlez Vous, The Yank Marine went over the top And gave old Fritz a whale of a pop, Hinkey Dinkey, Parlez Vous." McGee smiled as he sat for a moment listening to the words.

What'd he think when he read that Dan Anisty had been pinched on Broadway in company with the little woman he'd been making eyes at whom he was going, in his fine manlike way, to reach down a hand to and yank up out of the gutter and redeem and and all that slush? Eh?" And again his low evil laugh made her shudder. "Now, you won't risk that. You'll come with me and behave, I guess, all right."

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