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"'I reckons I'm wrong, Dan, says Thompson, turnin' apol'getic. 'Let it all go to the diskyard. I'm that peevish I simply ain't fit to stay yere nor go anywhere else. I ain't been the same person since my wife runs cimmaron that time an' demands said sep'ration.

"Oh, that was all put on. Did you hear what he said about keepin' order?" "Yes, he kinder looked at you an' me when he was talkin'." "I guess he heard about our turnin' out the last teacher." "Of course. I tell you, it took some cheek to come here and order 'round us boys that has known him all his life." "That's so. Do you think he's goin' to maintain order, as he calls it?"

Pike, he says, battin' his eyes and turnin' over to go to sleep again. 'Very well, Mr. Pike, says he. 'Watch her. An' Mr. Pike . . . 'Yes, sir, says I. 'Give me a call, Mr. Pike, when the windlass shows signs of comin' aft. That's what he said, his very words, an' the next moment, damme, he was snorin'."

But when they passed boldly through the great iron gates and followed the driveway winding over the beautiful lawn, his bashfulness overcame him, and he sat down on the bank-wall to await their return, which must be, he fancied, by that same route; soliloquizing thus: "Sure, Tim, me boy, if it's tramps they object to, what for 's the use o' turnin' your honest self into such?

How can I live," he muttered furiously to himself, "how can I live? and I daren't die. O God! O God! my brain's turnin'. I needn't pray to God to curse the hand that struck you dead, Felix dear, for I feel this minute that His curse is on me." Felix was borne in, but no arm would Hugh suffer to encircle him but his own.

And it would gaul me dretfully," says Josiah, turnin' to me, "to have our sweet Cicely lower herself into a lower grade of society: it would cut me like a knife." And then I spoke right up, for I can't stand too much foolishness at one time from man or woman; and I says,

There are times when I am my better self. I will only talk and decide upon what is best in life at such times as these. That would make my better nature grow. When I am out of sorts I will be silent-like. Heaven help me! it is hard to begin all these things when one's hair is turnin' gray, and I never knew any one's gray hair to turn young again."

"Margaret were just puttin' supper on when Jamie sights you turnin' the P'int. 'Twill be ready in a jiffy." "What have you got for us, Margaret?" asked Doctor Joe. "I believe I am hungry for the good things you cook." "Fried trout, sir," said Margaret. "Fried trout!" Doctor Joe rolled his eyes in mock ecstasy. "It couldn't have been better!" "You always says that, whatever," laughed Margaret.

"I was only handin' him some of the same sport he's been dealin' out to others. It'll do him good." "You you young scoundrel!" says mommer. Then, turnin' to the old lady who came in with her, she gasps out, "Zenobia, telephone for the police!" It's the real thing, too, and no flossy bluff about the lady's grouch.

"No, you won't," 'Beida answered him stoutly, and turned again to Nicky-Nan. "Mr Nanjivell," she pleaded, "tell me didn't you find these three turnin' your room inside out?" "'Course I did." Nicky-Nan cast a malignant glance around. "Was they doin' it with your leave?" "'Course they wasn't. Why, look at the state o' my head!"

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