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Indeed, it would make me think you were angry with us because of the very bad supper we had given you! L'Ami Fritz would not have taken the trouble to make coffee for his old wife. He has made it for you, only for you; he will be hurt if you do not take it!" The coffee did look very tempting and fragrant.

Knapwurst gravely laid his pipe on the table, and reverently spreading his hand upon the folio, said in a voice that seemed to issue from the bottom of his consciousness; or, if you like it better, from the bottom of a twenty-gallon cask "Doctor Fritz, here is the law and the prophets!" "How so? what do you mean?" "Parchment old parchment that is what I love!

"Can you go out alone, do you think, or do you wish me to go with you?" asked Mrs. Steiner when breakfast was finished. "I am sure we could go alone," replied Fritz. "If we get lost we will ask the way to 37 Bornheimer street."

If you want safety, you must have none within fifty miles." "None nearer than Strelsau, for instance," said poor Fritz, with a lovelorn sigh. We reached the avenue of the chateau, and were soon at the house. As the hoofs of our horses sounded on the gravel, Sapt rushed out to meet us. "Thank God, you're safe!" he cried. "Have you seen anything of them?" "Of whom?" I asked, dismounting.

His work was surely done; Fritz continued to wabble and then plunged in a deadly drop until he got to the Lens-Arras road, where he made a desperate attempt to alight on the highway; but he got tangled up in the trees, his wings being smashed and remaining in the branches, the body of the plane shooting down into a deep ditch and embedding itself and its two occupants in the mud. They were dead.

"The ill husband of Cousin Teresa who went with us to Meran and lost her umbrella and Dr. Edmund was so sorry about it, has been very much worse, so she is not here but in Baden. I think as the weather is very warm you and Uncle Nic are sitting much out of doors. I am sending presents to you all in a wooden box and screwed very firm, so you shall have to use again the big screw-driver of Fritz.

"Fortunately the wind is fresh, and we can make considerable headway before night." As they steered gently out of the bay a second cloud of arrows was sent after them, but this time they fell short. "The belief in Rono is about to be seriously compromised," remarked Fritz; "I should advise the priestess to retire into private life." "Impossible." "Why?"

So fast fled he, that in less than a score of seconds he was out of sight not only of his masters in the tree, but of his pursuer, the elephant. The latter only followed him for some half-dozen lengths of its own carcase; and seeing that the pursuit was likely to be a wild-goose chase, declined following Fritz any farther.

The boys were all clamorous to possess the shell; but I said it belonged to Fritz, by right of conquest, and he must dispose of it as he thought best. "Then," said he, "I will make a basin of it, and place it near the river, that my mother may always keep it full of fresh water." "Very good," said I, "and we will fill our basin, as soon as we find some clay to make a solid foundation."

It was odd, perhaps, but she did not feel at all angry, embarrassed, or even slightly annoyed, by Miss Schley's very deliberate attempt to distress her. Of course she understood perfectly what had happened and was happening. Fritz had spoken to the actress about her mimicry of his wife, had probably spoken blunderingly, angrily.

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