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And Krishna of sweet smiles, finding Bhimasena in the cooking apartments, approached him with the eagerness of a three-year old cow brought up in the woods, approaching a powerful bull, in her first season, or of a she-crane living by the water-side approaching her mate in the pairing season.

Indeed, since that chastiser of foes, the wrathful Bhimasena, coolly heareth the leonine roars of the frequently shouting Dhartarashtra's longing for victory and blowing their conchs, I think, O bull among men, that Pandu's son Yudhishthira is dead.

Verily, Time is irresistible' Bhimasena said, 'Tell me of the duration of the different yugas, and of the different manners and customs and of virtue, pleasure and profit, and of acts, and energy, and of life and death in the different yugas. Thereupon Hanuman said, 'O child, that yuga is called Krita when the one eternal religion was extant.

And distracted by gusts of the wind, they thought, 'Are the heavens falling down; or the earth and the mountains being rent? And afraid of the wind, they felt about with their hands and took shelter under the way-side tree and ant-hills and in caverns. Then holding his bow and supporting Krishna the mighty Bhimasena stood under a tree.

Behold, O Partha, that foremost of standards, of the Suta's son, on his car, bearing the device of the elephant's rope, is seen to move all over the field. There, the son of Radha is now rushing against Bhimasena, scattering hundreds of shafts as he proceeds and slaughtering thy army therewith.

"'Bhimasena said, "One without Desire never wishes for Wealth. One without Desire never wishes for Virtue. One who is destitute of Desire can never feel any wish. For this reason, Desire is the foremost of all the three. It is under the influence of Desire that the very Rishis devote themselves to penances subsisting upon fruits, of living upon roots or air only.

And in the van of that host marched Bhimasena, and the two sons of Madri encased in their coats of mail, and Subhadra's son and the five sons of Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumna of Prishata's race. And the Prabhadrakas and the Panchalas marched behind Bhimasena.

Thou shalt, however, have to run away when thou seest Bhimasena in wrath! Thy courting a combat with the furious Jishnu may be likened to thy kicking up a mighty, terrible, full-grown and furious lion asleep in a mountain cave.

Why then hath that Jishnu endued with great strength been subject to death? Oh, why doth that Dhananjaya, relying on whom we had hitherto endured all this misery, lie on the ground blighting all my hopes! Why have those heroes, those mighty sons of Kunti, Bhimasena and Dhananjaya, came under the power of the enemy, those who themselves always slew their foes, and whom no weapons could resist!

Thereat that powerful one was forbidden by the Rakshasas, saying, 'Do not do this; and they from all sides began to abuse him in anger. Now they all prepared for opposing him. And with eyes rolling, they upraised their arms, and rushed in wrath at Bhimasena, exclaiming, 'Seize him! Bind him! Hew him!