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"But when you did understand him you changed your mind." "I couldn't help it." "And did you change anything more than your mind?" There was so much insinuation in the cracked voice that Olivia colored, in spite of the degree in which she thought herself armed against all surprises. It was a minute or more before she was prepared with an answer. "I changed my attitude toward him.

He lingered longest on Buddhism; and it surprises me now to discover how well, with the aids then at his command, he understood the touching charity of Buddha and the deep wisdom and grandeur of his doctrine. But he showed us the other religions mainly to place Christianity and its renewing and redeeming power in a brighter light.

"Walk in, gentlemen," said Mrs. Barclay. "This is night of surprises," she thought to herself. It was now nine o'clock, rather a late hour for callers in the country, and Mrs. Barclay waited not without curiosity to hear the nature of the business which had brought her two visitors at that time. "Take seats, gentlemen," she said, with the courtesy habitual to her.

"It's you I have to thank for this," he shouted. "Curse you, you eavesdropping spy. But there are surprises in store for you, my friend. You've got me, it seems, and you say you've got the will. You'll find it more difficult to lay your hands on the heiress!" The words and still more the triumphant tone in which they were uttered cast a chill upon them all. "What do you mean?" cried Gimblet.

Are you surprised? What surprises me is that I should never have guessed the relation between you. Now your father is a very honourable man. What he said meant something, and when he said it he meant that our marriage would seem natural to him and to everybody. I will go and talk to him. So much for your great reason. As for the second you gave, it is absurd.

She made a great fuss of his bodily needs she was convinced that he did not get properly fed or looked after at home, and was always preparing him little snacks and surprises. For her sake Martin swallowed innumerable cups of milk and wrapped his chin in choky mufflers. She had prouder moments too.

He smiled with something of the old careless humor of Paris days. "I suppose everything is for the best," he said. "Nothing surprises me now, not even this," and he nodded cheerfully toward the landing and stairs, whence a rush of footsteps and clamor of voices were audible.

I do not believe you do, but I have had many surprises in my life." Jack had heard him through without interruption. Most of it especially Cohen's affection for Peter he had known before. It was the last statement that roused him. "Well, if you must know, Mr. Cohen it is not for myself, but for a friend." The Jew smiled. He saw that the young man had told the truth.

Of this she had countless proofs, and when, at long intervals, I saw her again in her dismal retreat, her good-nature, unchanging as this was, caused her to receive and welcome me as one welcomes those one loves. First Vocation of Mademoiselle de la Valliere. The King Surprises His Mistress. She is Forced to Retire to a Convent. The King Hastens to Take Her Back. She Was Not Made for Court Life.

The week which preceded the May party was a memorable one to Amy, for during its sunny days she saw an American spring in its perfection. Each morning brought rich surprises to her, Johnnie, and Alf, and to Webb an increasing wonder that he had never before truly seen the world in which he lived. The pent-up forces of Nature, long restrained, seemed finding new expression every hour.