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The amount disbursed from that sum was $144,651,879.80, leaving a balance of $3,431,012.99 unexpended on the 30th of June, 1898, which was covered into the Treasury. There were 389 names added to the rolls during the year by special acts passed at the second session of the Fifty-fifth Congress, making a total of 6,486 pensioners by Congressional enactments since 1861.

I said to them, that A.D. 1838 were greater spirit manifestations in the Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of Boston by my mediumship and the mediumship of 144 witnesses, than mortal men could expect.

How did you celebrate last Fourth of July? Write a short story about the picture on p. 144. 8. With one of your classmates, show how you would try to restore a person who had just been saved from drowning. How can you try to save yourself if you fall into the water? Have you a park near your home? When the people leave at the end of the day, how do the lawns and paths look?

Also those witnesses were guided by invisible agents in such a manner, that they, too, performed in that church, what was required of them, so that on Easter Sunday, April 15, 1838, in the Cathedral Church in Boston, in the presence of these 144 and many other witnesses by my instrumentality the solemn excommunication of the Beast with seven heads and ten horns from the Church of Christ has been performed, that is, solemn declaration has been made, that the mysteries which are contained in those figuritive expressions, do not belong to the Church of Christ and must be therefore abolished from the earth.

"'Investigation in the senior departments of one school showed that 144 children were being supported by their mothers only, 57 were living on their sisters, 68 upon the joint earnings of elder brothers and sisters, while another 130 had mothers who went out to work in order to supplement the earnings of the father.

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The Museé du Louvre is rich in examples of Boule's work; and there are some very good pieces in the Jones Collection, at Hertford House, and at Windsor Castle. The illustration on p. 144 is the representation of an armoire, which was, undoubtedly, executed by Boule from a design by Lebrun: it is one of a pair which was sold in 1882, at the Hamilton Palace sale, by Messrs. Christie, for £12,075.

Rosanna 17 Rosanna 17 Betsy 10 Peggy 8 Escape 10 Betsy 10 Polly 10 Escape 10 Sally 10 Polly 10 Lark 18 Sally 10 Ranger 12 Lark 18 Prosperity 10 Ranger 12 Unity 10 Prosperity 10 Speedy 7 Unity 10 Little Tom 30 Little Tom 30 Monaguash 20 Total tonnage 144 Total tonnage 165 The emoluments derived by James White from his office as Deputy Collector of Customs were small.

Very soon the following stations agreed to participate in the tests. After 4 months of daily test schedules, early in 1978, successful contacts took place on 144 MHz, some of which constituted world distance records for that time, as can be seen in the accompanying table.

As a result of these divisions according to taxes paid, of the 144 town councillors elected, only 38 were Social-Democrats, though Berlin is overwhelmingly Social-Democratic, and consequently the affairs of this city of more than 2,000,000 inhabitants are in the hands of 33,062 persons who elect two-thirds of the town councillors.

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