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North of Le Mans, on the upper source of the Sarthe, Beaumont-le-Vicomte keeps the shell of its castle, a castle which long withstood the Conqueror, rising in a lovely position over the river Beaumont, too, has seen warfare in later days, and he who looks down from the castle which withstood the Conqueror may hear the tale of the stout fighting which went on by the banks of the Sarthe, when Maine was invaded by the armies of a later William.

My Lady Yarmouth has been trumpeting your praises at the Pump Room. She says she has got a leedel boy in Hannover dat is wery like you, and you are a sharming young mans." "If her ladyship were a queen, people could scarcely be more respectful to her," says the chaplain. "Let us call her a vice-queen, parson," says the Colonel, with a twinkle of his eye.

It was about five o'clock when we rode into La Flèche, and the feeling of ill foreboding still possessed me. Partly considering this, and partly as it was improbable I should find the best accommodations anywhere else short of Le Mans, I decided to put up here for the night.

Who shall say, then, that I am not king, when one month mans a monarch's army from his subjects' love? And well know ye, now, that my cause is yours and England's!

Thus was I welcomed into the ranks of filibustery. Then the general man told me his country had the name of Guatemala, and was the greatest nation laved by any ocean whatever anywhere. He looked at me with tears in his eyes, and from time to time he would emit the remark, 'Ah! big, strong, brave mans! That is what my country need.

The War in various Regions of France General Faidherbe Battle of Pont-Noyelles Unreliability of French Official News Engagement of Nuits Le Bourget Sortie Battles of Bapaume and Villersexel Chanzy's Plan of Operations The Affair of Saint Calais Wretched State of some of Chanzy's Soldiers Le Mans and its Historical Associations The Surrounding Country Chanzy's Career Positions of his Forces Advance of Prince Frederick Charles The first Fighting before Le Mans and its Result.

Those few Normans who bad survived their wounds, and had remained in the Isle of Ely, were all of our nation who went, the rest of his army being all composed of English. In a skirmish near the town of Mans my leg was broke and so shattered that it was forced to be cut off.

There are, however, certain positions favourable for defence. There is high ground at Change, midway between the road from Saint Calais to Le Mans, via Yvre, and the road from Grand Luce to Le Mans via Parigne.

Then one day a white mans come riding through the county and tole us we was free. Free! Honey, did yo' hear that? Why we always had been free. He didn't know what he was talking 'bout. He kept telling us we was free and dat we oughtn't to work for no white folks 'less'n we got paid for it. Well Miss Nancy took care of us then.

His great continental conquest had risen against him; Le Mans and all Maine were again independent. City and land chose for them a prince who came by female descent from the stock of their ancient counts. This was Hugh the son of Azo Marquess of Liguria and of Gersendis the sister of the last Count Herbert.

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