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A scornful laugh ran through the hall. "And as we English are hospitable folk, and give any man, who asks, meat and board for one night, so one day's welcome, methinks, will be all that the Count of the Normans will need at our English hands." Flushed with the joyous insolence of wine, the wassailers roared applause. "Wherefore, this drink-hael to William of Rouen!

In melancholy songs, and doleful stories, it was still sung and told by cottage fires on winter evenings, a hundred years afterwards, how, in those dreadful days of the Normans, there was not, from the River Humber to the River Tyne, one inhabited village left, nor one cultivated field how there was nothing but a dismal ruin, where the human creatures and the beasts lay dead together.

The English fought with the most stubborn courage, and the battle was only lost by their allowing the pretended flight of the Normans to draw them from their impregnable position on the crest of the hill, ringed with an unbroken shield wall.

The latter, which was carried into England by the Normans, and is the origin of the present French, may be called the French Romane; and the former the Provencal, or Provencial Romane, because it was spoken by the people of Provence and Languedoc, southern provinces of France. These dialects were soon distinguished by very opposite characters.

This revolt coincided with the growing weakness of the eastern empire, which, surrounded on all sides by aggressive enemies Kumans, Saracens, Turks, and Normans was sickening for one of the severe illnesses which preceded its dissolution.

But let my lord be pleased to spare what his little handmaid presumes to claim as her peculiar and lawful property." The establishment of the Normans in the kingdoms of Naples and Sicily is an event most romantic in its origin, and in its consequences most important both to Italy and the Eastern empire.

His rather imposing list of works includes a symphony , an operetta, a concert overture , an overture, "Regulus" , performed in Munich and in London, and an overture, "Count Robert of Paris" , performed in New York, a ballad for chorus and orchestra, "King Trojan," presented in Munich in 1885, the Twenty-third Psalm for female chorus and orchestra , an "Idylle" ; "The Normans," "The Kobolds," and "Harold Harfager," all for chorus and orchestra, and all dated 1891; an oratorio, three or more cantatas, and various bits of chamber-music.

See! see! the patient mongrel carries off the bone from the gentleman- hounds. Is that the way of the world?" "Pardie! it is a naught world, if so, and much changed from the time of our fathers, the Normans. But these Saxons are getting uppermost again, and the yard measure, I fear me, is more potent in these holiday times than the mace or the battle-axe."

Is there a mirth-provoking element in the ten to one chance that YOU may not see the morrow? All honour to you, Normans! From Valhalla, in his high seat with the Anses, Rollo of old looked down on you with pride. Langemarck, grim, windswept and desolate. A few short weeks before it had by the flowing of British blood, by our own Division, been wrenched from the German grasp.

I would not willingly be understood to speak of Lombard architecture in any sense different from that in which it is usual to speak of Norman. To suppose that either the Lombards or the Normans had a style of their own, prior to their occupation of districts from the monuments of which they learned rudely to use the decayed Roman manner, would be incorrect.

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