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But at the time the personnel of the committee was such that I had despaired of securing favorable action in the committee on an amended Interstate Commerce Act, and I retired to accept the chairmanship of the Committee on Foreign Relations.

The bill as amended passed the Senate June 19, 1902, by a vote of 67 to 6. The House at first refused to concur in the Spooner amendment, but after a conference it finally gave way and the measure was adopted by a vote of 260 to 8. The act was signed by President Roosevelt June 28. Attorney-General Knox was sent to Paris to make a thorough investigation of the affairs of the Panama Company.

Long, the celebrated historian and planter of Jamaica, and to whose authority all West Indians look up, adopted the same idea. Writing on the affairs of Jamaica, he says: "The system of Colonial government, and the imperfection of their several laws, are subjects, which never were, but which ought to be, strictly canvassed, examined, and amended by the British Parliament."

"Nay, truly, you did not neither in the original nor in the duplicate, my Lord. But when we had waylaid Lieutenant Tybee and quenched the duplicate, and had so amended the original as to make it fit our purpose, the brave major thanked you for what you had not done and made his stand to await the upcoming of the over-mountain men."

This again is struck out with a despairing stroke, and amended to read: "Fair Lydia, DID my earthly harp." So that finally, when the lines appeared in the Gentleman's Magazine in their ultimate shape "Fair Edith, when with fluent pen," etc., etc. one can realize from what a desperate congelation the fluent pen had been so perseveringly rescued.

The will of the nation, speaking with the voice of battle and through the amended Constitution, has fulfilled the great promise of 1776 by proclaiming "liberty throughout the land to all the inhabitants thereof." The elevation of the negro race from slavery to the full rights of citizenship is the most important political change we have known since the adoption of the Constitution of 1787.

And he made it right and amended it with an hammer. Then the emperor commanded to smite off his head anon, lest that his craft were known. For then gold should be no better than fen, and all other metal should be of little worth, for certain if glass vessels were not brittle, they should be accounted of more value than vessels of gold.

There was no property distinction, and the time was at the discretion of the roadmaster. This soon gave cause for dissatisfaction, and reasonably, for it was hardly fair to expect a poor man to contribute as much toward the improvement of highways as his rich neighbour. The Act was amended, and the number of days' work determined by the assessment roll.

Peace deliberations in Spain Unpopularity of the project Disaffection of the courtiers Complaints against Spinola Conference of the Catholic party Position of Henry IV. towards the republic State of France Further peace negotiations Desire of King James of England for the restoration of the States to Spain Arrival of the French commissioners President Jeannin before the States- General Dangers of a truce with Spain Dutch legation to England Arrival of Lewis Verreyken at the Hague with Philip's ratification Rejection of the Spanish treaty Withdrawal of the Dutch fleet from the Peninsula The peace project denounced by the party of Prince Maurice Opposition of Maurice to the plans of Barneveld Amended ratification presented to the States-General Discussion of the conditions Determination to conclude a peace Indian trade Exploits of Admiral Matelieff in the Malay peninsula He lays siege to Malacca Victory over the Spanish fleet Endeavour to open a trade with China Return of Matelieff to Holland.

I have no doubt that these improvements could be made much cheaper if undertaken together and prosecuted according to a general plan. The license law now in force within the District is deficient and uncertain in some of its provisions and ought to be amended.