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The Secretary of the Legation at Washington was surprised to receive a letter from the Governor-General of Morovenia requesting him to find apartments for the Princess Kalora and a small retinue.

As it was necessary for travellers in that day to provide themselves with every possible material for their journey carriages, horses, hosts of servants, and beds, fortunate enough if they found roads and occasionally food Barneveld and Nassau were furnished with three ships of war, while another legation on its way to England had embarked in two other vessels of the same class.

His figure and bearing were sympathetic almost pathetic with a certain grave and gentle charm, a pleasant smile, and an interesting story. He was Lawrence Oliphant, just from Japan, where he had been wounded in the fanatics' attack on the British Legation.

On the occasion of his first Speaker's dinner, Sir Pitt took the opportunity of appearing before his sister-in-law in his uniform that old diplomatic suit which he had worn when attache to the Pumpernickel legation. Becky complimented him upon that dress and admired him almost as much as his own wife and children, to whom he displayed himself before he set out.

The Englishman is fair game, being a common enemy. Let us gain our ends through the heart, since his purse is impregnable to assaults. But the countess? Why not the pantry maid, since the other is an American? They lack discrimination. The king grows weaker every day. Nothing was found in the Englishman's rooms. I fear that the consols are in the safe at the British legation.

They all went and washed, and then with some difficulty we all got through tea, when the night party from the Notch House was announced on horseback, and we sallied forth to welcome them. Nineteen in all, from all nations. Two Japanese princes, and the Secretary of the Dutch legation, and so on, as usual; but what was not as usual, jolly Mr.

The extent of this Legation and its sheltered position make it a sort of natural sanctuary for all non-combatants, since it is masked on two sides by the other Legations, and is only really exposed on two sides, the north and the west.

I was requested to go away from England for a time, so here I am, about to join my mother in Brussels or in a little country place near Brussels." Hawk: "Well, I've been Secretary of Legation there. I'm just going back to to well I'm just going back."

Thus with our rescued native Christians, our few butchered Boxers, our score and more of fires lighting the whole of the horizon, here in the middle of the night of the 16th of June we are no further forward in our political situation than we were two and a half weeks ago, when our Legation Guards arrived, and we esteemed ourselves so secure. Two and a half weeks ago!

A treaty looking to this end has been made, which will be submitted for the consideration of the Senate. After an interval of several years the Chinese Government has again sent envoys to the United States. They have been received, and a permanent legation is now established here by that Government.