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"No call to get mad," expostulated the man in rather discouraged tones; "I just thought as how mebbe you was still feeling friendly-like. My mistake. But I reckon you won't be giving me away anyhow?" During this speech he had slowly produced from his hip pocket a frayed bandana handkerchief; as slowly taken off his hat and mopped his brow.

Then he looked down at the ground, and, as he did so he saw a little red creature with eight long legs, and the creature wiggled one leg at the rabbit friendly-like as if to shake hands. "Why don't you ask me where the cows are?" said the long-legged insect. "Why, can you tell?" inquired Uncle Wiggily. "Of course I can.

Why, yes, I've known a cab-horse that turned his nose up so high he could never get it down again into his nose-bag when he wanted to eat his dinner, and they had to have a special sort of nose-bag made for him. Fact! And all along of an old bus-horse a-speaking to him friendly-like as they stood side by side one day.

"I had that figured out pretty well at the time," Jondo said, with a smile. "But, Jean Deau " the old man began. "No, Jondo. Go on. I'm busy," Jondo interrupted. The old man's watery eyes gleamed. "I just want to say friendly-like, that them Kioways never forgot the trick you worked on 'em, an' the tornydo that busted 'em at Pawnee Rock they laid to your bad medicine.

And I'm afraid that Tom's money can't be any too much for eight children living, and two put away in the cemetery, pretty dears! And I was just thinking to myself that it would seem friendly-like if I was to journey up to London and see how they are getting on. It is less trouble than writing a letter." "It costs more," said Rowles. A long, distant whistle was heard.

Robin uttered a queer sound in his throat; it was almost like the moan of an animal in pain. He said nothing. She gave him an uneasy glance, but still kind-heartedly she persevered in her effort to lift him out of his depression. "She was always very friendly-like," she said. "You liked her, didn't you Robin?"

He never sees me but it's, 'How d'do, Martha? or, 'How's the childern an' Mr. Slawson these days? He certainly has got grand ways with'm, Mr. Frank has. An' yet, he's never free. You wouldn't dare make bold with'm. His eyes has a sort o' keep-off-the-grass look gener'ly, but when he smiles down at you, friendly-like, why, you wouldn't call the queen your cousin.

"I jest dropped up," he explained, after he had acknowledged the attorney's cheerful greeting with a gruff "mornin'," "I jest dropped up, sort of friendly-like, thinkin' you might have nothin' to do, an' might like to sit an' chin a while. You don't charge nothin' for sittin' an' chinnin' do ye?" Toole said he did not. "I didn't figger you did," said the Colonel.

They questioned me again, sir, quite friendly-like, but they didn't get much change out of me. Yesterday they tried it on a third time both of them come again and, well, sir, happing to put my hand into my jacket pocket soon after they were gone, I found these in it." As he spoke he dived into his jacket, and pulled out an envelope.

There the man that dips his fingers "friendly-like" in the dish of his neighbour one minute wants the eye of that neighbour the next not so much in innate or momentary hatred, as in innate savagery and the primeval sense of combat, the war which was in the blood of the first man. The unarmed appearance of these men did not deceive the pioneer folk of Lebanon.