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The Saracen chose for his starting-point a tower in the midst of the hippodrome, and on the top of the tower he stood, clad in a long white robe which was stiffened with rods so as to spread and catch the breeze, waiting for a favourable wind to strike on him. The wind was so long in coming that the spectators grew impatient. 'Fly, O Saracen! they called to him.

When it has risen to high-water level, it is soon covered with grasses, and becomes what is called schor in Zeeland, kwelder in Friesland. Such grounds are the foundation or starting-point of the process of diking. When they are once elevated to the flood-tide level, no more mud is deposited upon them except by extraordinary high tides.

Whether Grell was the murderer or not, he held the key to the heart of the mystery. The superintendent emphasised this in a talk with Fairfield. "It's a fair ruse. We're pretty certain he's hiding somewhere in London, and it's a big field unless we've got a starting-point. That's our trouble finding a starting-point. In detective stories the hero always hits on it unerringly at once.

She went over her father's words again and again, dwelling on the last utterance, which had contained the truth uppermost in all that he had said, "Develop the best in your own nature naturally." What was her own nature, her starting-point? Her introspection was not very reassuring.

"Quite, if you give it gradually. If you hurry the thing, the man feels as though he were being smothered. But the real difficulty is what to do with him, as I said before." "Take him home and get a keeper from the lunatic asylum," the Wanderer suggested. "Then comes the whole question of an inquiry into his sanity," objected Keyork. "We come back to the starting-point.

There is but one starting-point for the wise the threshold of reason. But they separate one from the other as soon as the triumphs of reason are well understood; in other words, as soon as they enter freely the domain of the higher unconsciousness. To say "this is reasonable" is by no means the same as to say "this is wise."

What I was thinking of," she explained, "is the possible particular effect on him of his milieu." "Oh his milieu !" Strether really felt he could imagine it better now than three hours before. "Do you mean it can only have been so lowering?" "Why that's my very starting-point." "Yes, but you start so far back. What do his letters say?" "Nothing. He practically ignores us or spares us.

Ashton's face. "I trust nothing has happened to him," he exclaimed. "Where did you part company with him, Mr. Carteret?" "That's more than I can tell you, sir. You must have seen at least no, you were not there; but those looking on must have seen me get ahead of him within view of the starting-point; soon after that I lost sight of him.

With two little children and Tiche with me, our carriage started off some time before the others. Two or three miles from our starting-point, I perceived three gentlemen riding towards us, one of whom I instantly recognized as Dr. Capdevielle. Instantly I stopped the carriage to speak to him.

The fairy rings, too, which puzzled our ancestors, are explicable by a natural process. The starting-point is a fungus, Marasmius oreades, which in due course sheds its spores in a tiny circle around it; the decay of the fungus supplies nitrogen to the grass, and renders it dark green in colour.

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