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When the second triple clanged out, her colour came back. She rose from her seat upon a lichened slab of granite in the cool shadow of the great boulder, and bent her lovely head, Beauvayse watching her lips as they moved, soundlessly repeating the Angelic Salutation: "Ave María, grátia plena; Dóminus tecum! Benedícta tu in muliéribus, et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Jesus."

"To-morrow! Wait a little yet! Shall we be no more with you, for ever? Non erimus tecum ultra in aeternum?..." What a dismal sound in these syllables, and how terrifying for a timid soul! They fell, heavy as bronze, on the soul of Augustin. An end had to be put to it somehow. What was needed was some one who would force him out of his indecision.

"Lave that to me!" Mike assured him. "Don't forget that it's a duces tecum," admonished the clerk as Mike passed out of the door. "Not on yer life!" replied the newly appointed deputy. Outside, he found a fellow deputy, also newly appointed. "Pat," said Mike, holding out the subpoena, "phat is the meanin' o' thim two wurrds?" His friend carefully examined the paper.

There are several persons who, in some certain periods of their lives, are inexpressibly agreeable, and in others as odious and detestable. Martial has given us a very pretty picture of one of these species in the following epigram: Difficilis facilas, jocundus, acerbus, es idem, Nec tecum possum vivere; nec sine te. Epig. 47. 1. 12.

Martial has given us a very pretty Picture of one of this Species in the following Epigram: Difficilis, facilis, jucundus, acerbus es idem, Nec tecum possum vivere, nec sine te. In all thy Humours, whether grave or mellow, Thou'rt such a touchy, testy, pleasant Fellow; Hast so much Wit, and Mirth, and Spleen about thee, There is no living with thee, nor without thee.

"Virgo virginum prædara, Mihi jam non sis amara, Fac me tecum plangere." Two nuns came out of an arched doorway leading to the reception-room of the modern building, and looked up and down the garden walks, talking the while in eager undertones; then paused near the lily bank, and one called: "Regina! Regina!"

This is the origin of our saying mecum and tecum, not cum me, and cum te, so that they too might be like nobiscum and vobiscum. XLVI. And some men find fault with all this; men who are rather late in mending antiquity; for they wish us, instead of saying Deûm atque hominum fidem, to say Deorum.

I don't know if the practical American murmurs at the ear of the practical Englishwoman the adorable verse which made the heart of Lydia palpitate: "Nee tecum possum vivere sine te," but I do know that Ephrinell can very well live without me. I have been quite right in not reckoning on his company to charm away the tedium of the journey.

And embracing the prior for the last time, he added, "Vale, carissime frater, in æternum vale! et Dominus tecum sit in ultionem inimicorum nostrorum!" "It is the king's pleasure that you say not a word in your justification to the mob, Paslew," observed the earl. "I had no such intention, my lord," replied the abbot. "Then tarry no longer," said the earl; "if you need aid you shall have it."

Cursing us for being so early abroad a curse to which I responded with a sonorous "Pax Domini sit tecum" the still somnolent sentinel opened the post and let us pass. I was glad in the end that we had waited and thus avoided the necessity of showing my ring, for should inquiries be made concerning two monks, that ring of mine might have betrayed the identity of one of them.

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