“I informed the Indians that it was my intention to draw him quietly out of the water, and then secure him. They looked and stared at each other, and said I might do it myself, but they would have no hand in it; the cayman would worry some of us. On saying this, ‘consedere duces,’ they squatted on their hams with the most perfect indifference.

The older Herr Van der Does clapped Peter on the shoulder and then struck the palm of his hand with his fist, as if to say: "I won't question that!" Janus Dousa whispered gaily to Van Hout, who was a good Latin scholar: "Oculi sunt in amore duces."

With this end in view, Burr moved on the 9th of June that a subpoena duces tecum issue to Jefferson requiring him to produce certain papers, including the famous cipher letter to Wilkinson.

D. Lucretiam Borgiarm III. Alphonsi Estensis Sponsam celeber MDII. One epigram is as follows: Tyndaridem jactant Heroica secula cujus Armavit varies forma superba Duces, Haec collata tibi, merito Luoretia cedit, Nam tuus omne Helenes lumen obumbrat honor: Illa neces populis, diuturnaque bella paravit: Tu bona tranquillae pacis opima refers.

Inhabitants of Norfolk and Suffolk. Rem Romanam huc satietate gloriæ provectam, ut externis quoque gentibus quietem velit. Tacit. Annal. Nam duces, ubi impetrando triumphalium insigni sufficere res suas crediderant, hostam omittebant. Tacit. Annal. Sigonii de Antiquo Jure Provinciarum, Lib. 1 and 2. Cic. in Verrem, I.

Hence when these crude forms of social life began to crystallize into the carefully marked ranks of the feudal system, the "milites" formed the order of gentlemen, the smaller feudatories, who gave land in fief to their vassals generally the old inhabitants while holding their own nominally from the "duces," or dukes, the representatives of their former leaders in war, who held their tenure direct from the king or chief.

The Lombards have not yet emerged out of the dismal darkness of the north into the light of Roman civilization; and all the history they have are a few scraps of saga. At last they take a king of the family of the Gungings, Agilmund, son of Ayo, like the rest of the nations, says Jornandes; for they will be no more under duces, elective war-kings.

But French as the Normans of William's day had become, their relation to the kings and people of France was not a friendly one. At the time of the settlement of Rolf, the western kingdom of the Franks had not yet finally passed to the Duces Francorum at Paris; Rolf became the man of the Karolingian king at Laon.

Degrees of honor, in subjects, are, first participes curarum, those upon whom, princes do discharge the greatest weight of their affairs; their right hands, as we call them. The next are duces belli, great leaders in war; such as are princes' lieutenants, and do them notable services in the wars.

Diffidit urbium Portas vir Macedo, et subruit aemulos Regis muneribus: Munera navium Saevos illaqueant duces. HOR. Lib. iii. Ode xvi. 9.