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Licet decurione more romano non sint addicti præcise quindecim milites quos regat, centurionique centum viginti octo, centuriones tamen ultro citroque centenarium numerum, et ultro citroque denum, decurionem est consilium appellare; nec enim hos servant ordines hispani ex amussim, cogimurque nomine rebus et magistratibus dare.

"And I," cried Siward, rising to the full height of his stature, "I, in the presence of these proceres, whose proudest title is milites or warriors I charge Sweyn, son of Godwin, that, not in open field and hand to hand, but by felony and guile, he wrought the foul and abhorrent murder of his cousin, Beorn the Earl!"

Cur vulnerari pateretur optime meritos de se milites? cur denique fortunam periclitaretur, praesertim cum non minus esset imperatoris consilio superare quam gladio?" This consideration for the lives of his soldiers, when the storm was over, won him gratitude; and it was no single instance. Everywhere they are mentioned with high praise, and no small portion of the victory is ascribed to them.

The civil magistracy and the civil force to which the peace of the city was committed, were not equal to such an emergency as the present; and the milites stationarii, a sort of garrison who represented the Roman power, though they were ready to act against either magistrates or mob impartially, had no tenderness for either, when in collision with each other.

"Audio, P. C. mihi objici quod non virile munus impleverim, Zenobiam triumphando. Nae illi qui me reprehendunt satis laudarant, si scirent qualis ilia est mulier, quam prudens in consiliis, quam constans in dispositionibus, quam erga milites gravis, quam larga quum necessitas postulet, quam tristis quum severitas poscat.

Some milites were climbing up to the temple of Mars, their broad breasts encased in overlapping bands of copper, their bare thighs covered by strips of wool hanging from the waist; one hand resting on the pommel of their short swords while they talked with enthusiasm of the coming Illyrian campaign, without thought of the situation of their allies in Iberia.

Vainly the regimental colors were advanced on opposite directions as rallying-points. "Ut conspicuum in proelio Haberent signum quod sequerentur milites." The officers sought to collect their men together and lead them on in platoons. Nothing could avail.

This etymology, which associates the word with -arquites-, -milites-, -pedites-, -equites-, -velites- those respectively who go with the bow, in bodies of a thousand, on foot, on horseback, without armour in their mere over-garment may be incorrect, but it is bound up with the Roman conception of a burgess. With this view the -usus loquendi- coincides.

Alteram aciem filius regis et milites sagittariique cum eo, adjunctis sibi Cumbrensibus et Tevidalensibus cum magna sagacitate constituit.... Conjunxerat se ei ejusque interfuit aciei Eustacius filius Joannis de magnis proceribus Angliae ... qui a rege Anglorum ideo recesserat.... Tertium cuneum Laodonenses cum Insulanis et Lavernanis fecerunt.

Cap of noble, and axe of warrior, I lay aside for ever; barefooted, and alone, I go hence to the Holy Sepulchre; there to assoil my soul, and implore that grace which cannot come from man! Harold, step forth in the place of Sweyn the first-born! And ye prelates and peers, milites and ministers, proceed to adjudge the living! To you, and to England, he who now quits you is the dead!"