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By what I have seen and heard in this ship, where there are generally from seven to nine hundred men, I am convinced that such collections are so many hot-beds of vice and villany. It is a college of Satan, where degrees of wickedness are conferred e merito. Here we have freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors, in roguery, together with Bachelors, Masters of Arts, and Doctors.

This ancient building lies hidden in a sandy cove beneath the roadway, and those who care to run the gauntlet of beggars and descend to the beach below, can examine its beautiful bronze doors, which the generous citizen Pantaleone gave pro mercede animae suae et merito S. Sebastiani Martyris. But there is very little else to inspect, for the interior has been hopelessly modernized.

DOÑA MATILDE. ¡Yo, que tengo la culpa de todas las desgracias de usted! DON EDUARDO. Pero qué remedio.... DOÑA MATILDE. No, jamás se realizará tan terrible separación ... si es cierto que usted me quiere.... DON EDUARDO. ¿Lo duda usted todavía? DOÑA MATILDE. ¿Desheredado por ! ¡Y yo he podido, Dios mío, desconocer un instante tanto mérito! DON EDUARDO. ¡No llore usted, por mi vida, Matilde mía!

Some few there are who also bear upon their breasts the nobler medal of troppo merito, gained on previous days, and those are looked upon with due reverence. But before dinner or lunch there is a high ceremony to take place, the great feature of the day. It is the mock-heroic play.

Merito e tempore was the motto which he had chosen for his own, and which he placed in golden letters on his shield, and illuminated on the vellum pages of his favourite books, in the firm belief that all things come to the man who can learn to bide his time.

"O my glory!" is the emphatic expression employed by them both. O decus, O famae merito pars maxima nostrae. Vir. Georg. ii. Light of my life, my glory, and my guide! O et praesidium et dulce decus meum. Hor. Ode I. My glory and my patron thou!

Therefore, when there is any change to be made in the rites of the church, merito fit hoc cum omnium ordinum ecclesiae consensu. Neither was there ever a rightly reformed church which was helped and not hurt by such rites and customs as, to their grief and miscontentment, princes did impose upon them.

It was near about this time that a caricature was circulated in Rome, representing Sixtus as King Stork and the Romans as frogs vainly attempting to escape from his devouring beak. Merito haec patimur, "We suffer deservedly," was the legend of the picture, and the moral it conveyed was a true one.

Nonnulli etiam eorum in Graeco, aut Latino literati consueuerunt cum deuotione cordis id lectitare. Idem liber dicit Iudaeos perfidos fuisse, quod Iesu eis primum misso a Deo, et multa miracula facienti credere noluerunt, quodque per ipsum tota gens Iudaeorum fuit digne decepta, et merito illusa hoc modo.

Porro saith, Zanchius in cultum ipsum excessu ut, peccatur; si quid illi quem Christus instituit, jam addas, aut ab aliis additum sequar is; ut si sacramentis a Christo institutis, alia addas sacramenta; si sacrificiis, alia sacrificia; si ceremoniis cujusvis sacramenti, alios addas ritus, qui merito omnes superstitionis nomine appellantur.

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