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Talibus curis exercitus, quodque saevae cogitationis indicium erat, secreto suo satiatus, optimum in praesentia statuit reponere odium, donec impetus famae et favor exercitus languesceret: nam etiam tum Agricola Britanniam obtinebat.

And if the heate at any time should in the short day waxe somewhat vrgent, the coldnesse of the long night there would easily refresh it, according as Henterus sayeth, speaking of the temperature vnder the Equinoctiall. Quodque die solis violento incanduit æstu, Humida nox reficit, paribusque refrigerat horis.

otherwise, if I am not allured with some pleasure, or have other guide than my own pure and free inclination, I am good for nothing: for I am of a humour that, life and health excepted, there is nothing for which I will bite my nails, and that I will purchase at the price of torment of mind and constraint: "Tanti mihi non sit opaci Omnis arena Tagi, quodque in mare volvitur aurum."

Quodque praecipuum fortitudinis incitamentum est, non casus nec fortuita conglobatio turmam aut cuneum facit, sed familiae et propinquitates, et in proximo pignora, unde feminarum ululatus audiri, unde vagitus infantium: hi cuique sanctissimi testes, hi maximi laudatores.

There is no vermin in the land like him: he slanders both heaven and earth with pretended dearths when there is no cause of scarcity. He hoarding in a dear year, is like Erysicthon's bowels in Ovid: Quodque urbibus esset, quodque satis poterat populo, non sufficit uni.

The Epilogue to this play was by Prior. No. 19. Thursday, March 22, 1711. Steele. 'Dii benefecerunt, inopis me quodque pusilli Finxerunt animi, rari et perpauca loquentis. Hor.

It is certain that People are got into a Way of Affectation, with a manner of overlooking the most solid Virtues, and admiring the most trivial Excellencies. Mr. SPECTATOR gives his most humble Service to Mr. No. 157. Thursday, August 30, 1711. Steele. ... Genius natale comes qui temperat astrum Naturae Deus humanae Mortalis in unum Quodque Caput ... Hor.

Suet. Calig. 47. Formarentur. Studia acta. Lawyers and politicians, all public men, had been gagged and silenced by Domitian. Alius. Another than the Emperor. Occuparet==pre-occupy, so as to rob him of it. Utcumque. Somehow, possibly, perhaps. Other things perhaps were more easily concealed; but the merit of a good commander was an imperial prerogative. Quodque satiatus. Cf. Plin.

The first note of fear is found in his eighth Catalepton: Villula, quae Sironis eras, et pauper agelle, Verum illi domino tu quoque divitiae, Me tibi et hos una mecum, quos semper amavi, Si quid de patria tristius audiero, Commendo imprimisque patrem: tu nunc eris illi Mantua quod fuerat quodque Cremona prius.

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