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otherwise, if I am not allured with some pleasure, or have other guide than my own pure and free inclination, I am good for nothing: for I am of a humour that, life and health excepted, there is nothing for which I will bite my nails, and that I will purchase at the price of torment of mind and constraint: "Tanti mihi non sit opaci Omnis arena Tagi, quodque in mare volvitur aurum."

I find him a little more temperate and considerate in his enterprises than Alexander, for this man seems to seek and run headlong upon dangers like an impetuous torrent which attacks and rushes against everything it meets, without choice or discretion; "Sic tauriformis volvitur Aufidus; Qui regna Dauni perfluit Appuli, Dum saevit, horrendamque cultis Diluviem meditatur agris;"

There it stands at its zenith, in the permanent blaze of a perennial mid-day; there it sets the time for the Catholic world amid the ever-changing and conflicting problems of human history. Stat Crux dum volvitur orbis. A speech delivered in the Assembly Hall of the Knights of Columbus, St. John, N.B., December 22, 1918. "The Catholic Mind" of New York reproduced it in one of its issues.

No, I've changed my mind about the drink. Good-night, little lady. I shall see you to-morrow? She. Ye es. Good-night, Guy. Don't be angry with me. He. Angry! You know I trust you absolutely. Good-night and God bless you! I'd give something to discover whether there's another man at the back of all this. Est fuga, volvitur rota, On we drift: where looms the dim port?

If you have observed the revolution of my four seasons, they comprehend the infancy, the youth, the virility, and the old age of the world: the year has played his part, and knows no other art but to begin again; it will always be the same thing: "'Versamur ibidem, atque insumus usque. "'Atque in se sua per vestigia volvitur annus.

Martin, the eleventh general of the Carthusians, gave to his order this device: Stat crux dum volvitur orbis." "Amen," said Fauchelevent, who imperturbably extricated himself in this manner from the dilemma, whenever he heard Latin. Any audience suffices for a person who has held his peace too long.

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