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Am I not contaminated by associations? Has not society sought to clothe me with shame? Truth bends before falsehood, and virtue withers under the rust of slandering tongues. Again a storm rises up before her, and she feels the poisoned arrow piercing deep into her heart. Am I not living under the very roof that will confirm the slanders of mine enemies? she asks herself.

I understand that this little Englishman, Allan Quatermain, who is worth ten bigger men, loves your daughter, whose life he has saved again and again, and that she loves him. Why, then, do you not let them marry in a decent fashion?" "Because before God I have sworn her to another man to my nephew, Hernan Pereira, whom everyone slanders," answered Marais sulkily.

Thus talking, the king caused his guest to ascend with him to the uppermost steps of the dais, babbling on very rapidly and skipping abruptly from one subject to another. De Rosny took occasion to express his personal esteem and devotion, and was assured by the king in reply that the slanders in regard to him which had reached the royal ears had utterly failed of their effect.

"Going to keep it in spite of all your tools, whether they're city gangsters, United States Senators, or" with a glance at the stranger "your deputy sheriffs." "Senator!" cried Garman in mock horror. "He slanders the honor of your sacred office!" "Better keep a-hold of your tongue, young feller," warned the deputy. "I'm a little interested in this, too."

"M. Macaire, M. Macaire," cries the attorney, in a fright, "you are for the plaintiff!" "This, my lords, is what the defendant WILL SAY. This is the line of defence which the opposite party intend to pursue; as if slanders like these could weigh with an enlightened jury, or injure the spotless reputation of my client!" In this story and expedient M. Macaire has been indebted to the English bar.

As if she only awaited this signal to discharge her shaft, Marguerite exclaimed, "Well, Elise, it is said you are in love." And she looked fixedly at Madame de Belliere, who blushed against her will. "Women never escape slander," replied the marquise, after a moment's pause. "No one slanders you, Elise." "What! people say that I am in love, and yet they do not slander me!"

These dialogues, shall I call them, or rather diabologues, were answered by our friend William Penn in two books; the first being entitled "Reason against Railing," the other "The Counterfeit Christian Detected;" in which Hicks being charged with manifest as well as manifold forgeries, perversions, downright lies, and slanders against the people called Quakers in general, William Penn, George Whitehead, and divers others by name, complaint was made, by way of an appeal, to the Baptists in and about London for justice against Thomas Hicks.

Waxing bold, the penny-a-liners grew savage, until the very skies rained lies and bitter slanders upon poor Keats. Sensitive, soon he was wounded to death. After a week of sleeplessness, he arose one morning to find a bright red spot upon his handkerchief. "That is arterial blood," said he; "that drop is my death-warrant; I shall die."

This reference to the malicious and untrustworthy back-biter, Arthur Lee, might have been much more severe, and still amply deserved. The most important acts of his ignoble life, by which alone his memory is preserved, were the slanders which he set in circulation concerning Franklin.

Bid her be grave, those lips should rebel prove To every theme that slanders mirth or love. RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN. Second Prologue to The Rivals. The devotion of Mr. Sheridan to the Dean of Winchester's daughter, Miss Esther Jane Ogle or "the irresistible Ogle," as she was toasted at the Kit-cat was now a circumstance to be assumed in the polite world of London.

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