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The scandal of the weak, in the apostles’ times, who were offended with the liberty of eating all sorts of meats, was passive and taken, as Zanchius observeth, yet was that scandal given and peccant upon their part, who used their liberty of eating all sorts of meats, and so cared not for the offence of the weak. Think they then that our taking of offence can excuse their giving of offence?

Thirdly, we are told that if these answers which our opposites give get no place, then shall we use nothing at all which hath been used by idolaters, and by consequence, neither baptism nor the Lord’s supper. But let Zanchius answer for us, that these things are by themselves necessary, so that it is enough they be purged from the abuse.

What meant the Bishop to say? that this place is falsified and mutilated by his antagonist, who quotes it not to prove that Zanchius disalloweth of festival days, but to prove that, in Zanchius’s judgment, the sanctification of the Sabbath only, and no other day in the week, agreeth best with divine and apostolical institution?

To lose his Augustine, and his Calvin, and his Musculus, and his Zanchius, and his Amesius, and his Suarez, and his Estius was a sore stroke to such a man. I loved my books too well, said the great preacher, and God rebuked me by this affliction.

The inward calling which one must have in finding himself, by the grace of God, made both able and willing to serve God and his church faithfully in the holy ministry, lieth not open to the view of men, and is only manifest to him from whom nothing can be hid; the outward calling is made up of election and ordination: that signified in Scripture by cheirotonia this by cheirothesia concerning which things we say with Zanchius, Magistratus, &c.: “It pertaineth to a Christian magistrate and prince to see for ministers unto his churches.

To-day, he must gain much of his training from the great life of the world learn how to meet men and occasions, and be prepared to deal with modern forces and energies with courage, knowledge, and decision. We read of the earnest Thomas Goodwin: his favorite authors were such as Augustine, Calvin, Musculus, Zanchius, Paraeus, Walaeus, Gomarus, and Amesius.

" And have read also all the confutations of this detestable Gowlais: as those of Zanchius, Faventinus, Lelius Vincentius, Lagalla, Thomas Giaminus, and eight other admirable commentators " "You are very exact, sir: but " " And that, in short, I have read every book you can imagine," says the priest of Sesphra.

But to discover the appearance of evil which is in the ceremonies, let us consider with Zanchius, that the appearance of evil from which the Apostle exhorteth to abstain may be expounded two ways.

Rutherford had foreseen all this from the days when Gillespie and he talked over Aquinas and Calvin and Hooker and Amesius and Zanchius as they took their evening walks together on the sands of the Solway Firth.

And whereas he thinks meats sacrificed to idols to be lawful enough out of the case of scandal, for this reason, because they are the good creatures of God, he should have considered better the Apostle’s mind concerning such idolothites; which Zanchius setteth down thus: Verum est, per se haec nihil sunt, sed respectu eorum quibut immolantur aliquid sunt; quia per hoec illis quibus immolantur, nos consociamur.

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