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It was intolerable, and entered with us into the inn, which was in other respects a charming retreat. Whilst supper was preparing I crossed the bridge, and strolled by the river, listening to its murmurs. Approaching the bank, the beauty of which had attracted my attention in the carriage, I recognised many of my old acquaintance growing with great luxuriance.

Another moment and a loud ejaculation of astonishment burst from the savage spectators, for, with another sudden brightening of the luminous disc there appeared the phantom presentment of M'Bongwele's troops drawn up as they had appeared a couple of hours before, when the king had first boarded the Flying Fish So clear and vivid was the representation that it met with instant recognition, amid loud murmurs of amazement from the beholders; the king being quite as strongly moved as any of his subjects.

The birds sang less inspiringly than usual upon the boughs, which remained motionless as the limbs of corpses. The strange confused and animated murmurs, which seemed born and to exist in virtue of the sun, that respiration of nature which is unceasingly heard amidst all other sounds, could not be heard now, and never had the silence been so profound.

At first there had been some hushed murmurs of pleasure, but very soon the attention of every one seemed so completely engrossed by the dazzling display that they simply gazed in silence. For twenty minutes or longer the glittering show went on, and not a sign of weariness or inattention was made by any one of the assembled company.

Voluptuous one day, religious the next, there is no woman, even in other countries, under the sky of Spain or Italy, who murmurs to God the adulterous caresses which she gives her lover. You can appreciate this language, gentlemen, and you will not excuse adulterous words being introduced in any way into the sanctuary of the Divinity! This is the second situation.

"I'm better; I mustn't be late at my next shop," she murmured apologetically as the number and the music were changed back. "Ah, she's come she was late," came the murmurs of the audience as it stirred in excited expectation. She flung on roguish, feverish, diabolical, seductive in low-cut bodice pranked with flowers.

The soldiers were struck and touched with it their low murmurs of applause taught the commandant that he had committed a mistake in having so many witnesses to his conversation with the universally pitied and admired prisoner. "You will not name your accomplices?" said he. "No," said Trenck, "I will not betray my friends. And what good would it do you to know their names?

"The trooper would better not have left his plow," adds a countryman, with a cunning air. "Poor old man!" murmurs a woman, almost crying. The veteran has heard, and he knits his brow; for it seems to him that his guide has grown thoughtful.

One would say that there are spirits which order him to strike, for his arms are raised as he sleeps. In a word, Madame, the storm murmurs in his heart, but burns none but himself. The thunderbolts are chained." "Well, then, let us loose them!" exclaimed the Duc de Bouillon. "He who touches them may die of the contact," said Monsieur. "But what a noble devotion!" cried the Queen.

From that day he gave it his assiduous counsel and support. On reaching Paris the royal party passed through an immense crowd, which expressed neither applause nor murmurs, but observed a reproachful silence. The king was provisionally suspended: he had had a guard set over him, as had the queen; and commissioners were appointed to question him. Agitation pervaded all parties.