He declared that the several states would soon repent, and beg on bended knees to be taken back into the British empire. When it was predicted in Parliament that we should become a great nation, a British statesman, who bore us no ill will, said, "It is one of the idlest and most visionary notions that was ever conceived even by a writer of romance."

He remembered how often, as a young man, he had sat in the evening in silence beside his wife in this same office and how his hands had ached to reach across the narrow space that separated them and touch her hands, her face, her hair. Well, everyone in town had predicted his marriage would turn out badly! His wife had been an actress with a company that came to Huntersburg and got stranded there.

It is of course impossible that Jesus should have predicted with such definiteness his approaching death; nor is it very likely that he entertained any hope of being raised from the grave "on the third day."

You're in the West, the good old-style West, where it's a man's present record that counts; not what he has been or what he has done. No, you're not going to run. You're going to face it out and going to stay to learn your new profession of puncher and man!" "But they will not wish to associate with me." "Yes, they will," she predicted. "I shall see to that."

No hostile sails had been signaled through the night, and, as the sailors had predicted, everything favored the descent. At five o'clock in the morning, signals were made from the semaphore; and in the twinkling of an eye all the sailors were in motion, and the port resounded with cries of joy, for the order to depart had just been received.

So with Australia. It may be safely predicted that England will never fight again to hold the sovereignty of her new-world possessions against their present occupants.

Early in life young Huygens began his career in the legal profession, completing his education in the juridical school at Breda; but his taste for mathematics soon led him to neglect his legal studies, and his aptitude for scientific researches was so marked that Descartes predicted great things of him even while he was a mere tyro in the field of scientific investigation.

Is it not one of the predicted voices of the latter day, saying under the whole heavens, "It is done; the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ"? And now, sisters of England, in this solemn, expectant hour, let us speak to you of one thing which fills our hearts with pain and solicitude.

Afterward, I have four little amateur detectives of mine to interview then I think we'll be able to proceed straight to our goal." The note also, as Henry Blaine had predicted, proved to be a forgery and to have been executed by the same hand as the letter.

For as the Directory outlined Napoleon's Continental System, so Pitt, unknowingly perhaps, pursued the methods, as he definitely predicted the means exhaustion by which his successors brought to a stop the mischievous energies of France under the great emperor.