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"But what'll be the good of that," sobs mother, "if my Bartholomew falls over a precipice and never comes home?" "Oh, I'll promise not to fall over a precipice," said I. And at last it was settled, and here I am in the train, half-way to Windermere. Just been looking through my knapsack. Frightful nuisance! Had it weighed at Euston, and it weighs 4 pounds 8 ounces.

And then, suddenly, she was clinging to me, her courage gone, her breast shaken with sobs. "Where shall I go?" she cried. "God help me! Are there no remote places where He will not seek me out? I have tried them all, David." And quite as suddenly she disengaged herself, and looked at me strangely. "You are well revenged for Temple Bow," she said.

I found her alone, seated in the corner of her room, with an expression of sorrow on her face and an appearance of general disorder in her surroundings. I overwhelmed her with violent reproaches; I was intoxicated with despair. In a paroxysm of grief I fell on the bed and gave free course to my tears. "Ah! faithless one! wretch!" I cried between my sobs, "you knew that it would kill me.

Succumbing to her grief, Miss Brandon seemed to be almost fainting; and big tears rolled down her cheeks. "Have I not yet been humiliated sufficiently?" she said in a low voice. "Must you add shame to shame? Daniel, you think I am very mean." And, checking the sobs which impeded her words, she went on, "And yet I cannot blame you for it, I cannot. No, you are right!

She sank into the chair, and sobs shook her from head to foot. "Be patient, be composed, madame," Nahoum said gently. "I have tried you greatly forgive me. Nay, do not weep. I have hope. We may hear from him at any moment now," he added softly, and there was a new look in his wide blue eyes as they were bent on her. "Then I said to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the Ephah?

What am I going to the smelter for, putting two days into one, if it ain't standing close?" The man spoke impetuously, the words tumbling recklessly one over the other, and the little girl's sobs were tumbling in the same way; neither seemed inclined to stop the other.

If there's anybody has to stay home I will. You just can't be the one that's always left. Cheer up. Wait till you ask Ellen what's up. Maybe it's not so bad, after all!" It was just as bad as it could be, Christina felt sure, as she lay awake in the night listening to Ellen's slow deep sobs, not daring to ask the cause.

The old man held him fast by the skirts, and threatened by his looks to give him another long lecture; but Edward, who had now entirely lost his patience, took up his hat, and placing himself in front of the father, said with a voice overpowered by anger and sobs, "I am going, sir, and do not return, mark that, to your house, till you send for me, till you yourself invite me back again!

Delme, who had left the room, was recalled by the hysterical sobs of the poor girl, as she fell back on the chair, her hands clasped in joyful gratitude. The surgeon, who had immediately been sent for, ordered that George should converse as little as possible. What he did say was rational. What a solace was that to Henry and Acme!

I COULD say no less. He kindly pressed my hand, and went. Now, I was happy again though more inclined to burst into tears than ever. If I had been forced to speak at that moment, a succession of sobs would have inevitably ensued; and as it was, I could not keep the water out of my eyes.