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By the window there were a table and the dainty little still where Miss Recompense made perfumes and extracts. There were boxes of sweet herbs, useful ones, bottles of medicinal cordials and salves. Miss Recompense was a "master hand" at such things, and the neighbors around thought her as good as a doctor.

"He is not to be pitied. The Countess of Salves is a charming girl." "Bah, she is going to become his wife." "So much the more reason that he should love her before the marriage; afterward, it isn't considered good form to have such feelings." "He loves her, then?" "I am very grateful to you, gentlemen; even in my absence you occupy yourselves with my affairs," said a clear, sharp voice now.

"Sweet tones do no harm, if they are accompanied with salves and ointment." "In short, I am obliged to carry my arm in a sling for three months after." "Is that not rather long?" "No; because your arm, in some sort, supplies, meantime, the place of mine." "Your picture has, at least, the merit of being poetic. Is it finished?"

Various other vessels in silver, of a small size, as basins and bowls beautifully chased, tiny jugs, alabasti, ladles, &c., had also the appearance of belonging rather to the toilet table than to the plate-basket. Some of the alabasti would contain kohl or stibium, some salves and ointments, others perhaps perfumed washes for the complexion.

Came morning, but not the lady. And the foc'sle was in sad need of her ministrations. Quite half the crew needed salves and bandages for their bruises and cuts, and there was, besides, a more serious case demanding attention. When the starboard watch was called at four o'clock, we heard a low, insistent moaning in the port foc'sle.

From the time that the old Countess of Salves had informed the Marquise of Fougereuse that under existing circumstances a marriage between her daughter and the Vicomte de Talizac was out of the question, violent scenes had taken place in the Fougereuse mansion.

At once they lifted me up in their arms and carried me into the hut, where they placed me on a couch of skins, and the old woman brought water from the river which flowed close by, and washed my feet, and bound them up with salves. The pain from which I had so long been suffering quickly disappeared.

It is asserted on good authority that salves and ointments were rubbed into the pores of the skin all over the body; and that soon after this the witch would feel drowsy and lie down, and frequently remain in a semitrance state for several hours. During that time she would visit the Sabbath, so it was said; but her body remained on the bed meanwhile, clearly showing that it had not been there.

Woola had fought with me through the battle of the previous day, true to the instincts and training of a Martian war dog, great numbers of which are often to be found with the savage green hordes of the dead sea bottoms. Neither of us had come through the conflict unscathed, but the marvelous, healing salves of Barsoom had sufficed, overnight, to make us as good as new.

"He has a good horse; the Countess of Salves gave Fanfaro her thoroughbred," said Bobichel. "Ah! that is different. Now, children, let me alone. Cousin Schwan, send me the two men whom I am to bring to Remiremont to-morrow; I must speak to them." Caillette, Bobichel, Schwan and Rolla went away. In the dark corridor a figure passed by Rolla, and a hoarse voice said: "Well?"