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From such extracts from the sacred writings of the Hindus we might turn to their poets, and find the same conceptions of the emanation, manifestation, and absorption of the world illustrated. "The Infinite being is like the clear crystal, which receives into itself all the colours and emits them again, yet its transparency or purity is not thereby injured or impaired."

See Senate Documents, First Session, 24th Congress, 1835, Vol. vi, Doc. No. 425. A few extracts from the great mass of correspondence will lucidly show the nature of the fraudulent methods. Writing from Columbus, Georgia, on July 15, 1833, Col. Gen.

The paper was two or three years old, but contained an article of several columns, in which I soon grew wonderfully interested. It was the report of a trial for breach of promise of marriage, giving the testimony in full, with fervid extracts from both the gentleman's and lady's amatory correspondence.

To-day we have two pieces of news that M. Thiers entered Paris yesterday, and that Metz has fallen. The Journal des Débats also publishes copious extracts from a file of provincial papers up to the 26th, which it has obtained. I hear that M. Thiers advises peace on any terms. The Government of Paris is in a difficult position. It has followed in the course of Palikao.

Extracts From Letters and a Telex Written by the Universal House of Justice: Concerning the point you raised in your letter ... that the women’s liberation movement in ... is assuming extreme positions which are having some influence on impressionable Bahá’í young women, we feel it would be helpful if your Assembly were to stress the unique position that women occupy by being members of the Bahá’í Faith particularly through participation in the administration of its affairs on both a local and national scale.

It covered, fundamentally, multiple arc distribution, how broadly will be understood from the following extracts from the New York Electrical Review of September 10, 1887: "It would appear as if the entire field of multiple distribution were now in the hands of the owners of this patent.... The patent is about as broad as a patent can be, being regardless of specific devices, and laying a powerful grasp on the fundamental idea of multiple distribution from a number of generators throughout a metallic circuit."

The former of these two extracts is from the chorus "Venus laughing from the skies" in Theodora; the other is from the air "Wise men flattering" in Judas Maccabaeus. I know no better examples of the way Handel sometimes derives his melody from the natural intonation of the speaking voice.

The episode is possibly based on some apocryphal book that has disappeared, and the historian extracts from it the lesson, which he is never weary of repeating, that God's nature is various and acts in diverse ways, and men are blind and cannot see the future, so that they are exposed to calamities and cannot avoid their incidence.

Melon lice are very hard to catch up with after you have let them get a start. Spraying with oil emulsions, tobacco extracts, soap solutions, etc., will all kill the lice if you get it onto them with a good spray pump and suitable nozzles for reaching the under sides of the leaves.

Now, I do not know whether there is any working man here who does not fully or partly realize the meaning of those extracts.

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