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"Let me take yer hat," said Mamie. The hand she held out trembled slightly. Dennis perceived that she was thinner and paler. "Yer well fixed," he murmured. "An' happy as a clam, I reckon?" "I'd oughter be happy," said Mamie dubiously. Then she added hastily, "Never expected to see you in a logging-camp." "No? Wal, I kinder wondered how you was makin' it. You don't look extry peart, Mis' Barker.

"Only carrying out my proper function," Scotty said virtuously. The first course had arrived. Crab gumbo turned out to be spicy, hot, and very, very good. "I may decide to live here," Rick said as he spooned up the last mouthful. "I'm a native already," Scotty stated. "The Chesapeake Bay is my home, if the rest of the meal lives up to the soup." The clam fritters were light, crisp, and succulent.

Back in Boston they figure more, and since y'u used to go to school back there y'u hadn't ought to throw down your professor of ethics." "Don't you think you have talked enough for the present?" she smiled, and added: "If I make you talk whenever I sit beside you I shall have to stay away." "That's where y'u've ce'tainly got the drop on me, ma'am. I'm a clam till y'u give the word."

No; it would have happened that way in the books, but didn't happen that way to Jim. No meddling old clam of a justice dropped in to make trouble, and so the model boy George got thrashed, and Jim was glad of it because, you know, Jim hated moral boys. Jim said he was "down on them milksops." Such was the coarse language of this bad, neglected boy.

Then I invited him to shut up. First thing I knew he was taking me back off the island. He had closed up like a clam. Asked him where all the places were that he was going to show me, and he informed me I had seen twenty-five cents' worth. Then I was ruffled. I admit I was ruffled. I stood up, took him by the collar, and agitated him a little.

About the only wild plunge the neighbors ever laid up against him was when he paid out ten dollars once for some imported tulip bulbs. Then all of a sudden it was discovered that a bunch of negotiable securities had disappeared from the bank vaults. The arrow pointed straight to Pedders. He denied; but he couldn't explain. He just shut up like a clam, and let 'em do their worst. He got ten years.

And next, in case the horse radish doesn't jump over the oysters and scare them so they fall into the clam chowder, I'll tell you about Flop and the marshmallows. "Boys," said Uncle Wiggily Longears, the old gentleman rabbit, to Curly and Flop, the piggie chaps, one morning. "Boys, do you think you can get along by yourselves this afternoon?"

I broke in, "who is to meet who, and who is to get stabbed?" "They're going to stab Demonio." "And who brought the letter?" "Demonio." "Well, now, Demonio must be a clam! What did he bring it for?" "Oh, but he don't know what's in it, that's just the slick part of it," and Sinclair began to snigger to himself at the thought of it. "You see, this Carlo Carlotti the Condottiere..."

I have no friend in all the world in whom I could confide!" "Hem, hem!" said the little man, moved by the earnest sadness of her tone and looks, "you have one friend, ma'am; you may trust me with any thing in the world; yes, me, Nicholas Clam, No. 4, Waterloo Place, Wellington Road, Regent's Park, London. I tell you my name, that you may know I am somebody.

"First visit to the States?" he inquired, when with some reluctance, for presently it appeared to the twins that the clam broth and the toffee didn't seem to be liking each other now they had got together inside them, and also for fear of hurting his feelings if they refused, they took some more. They nodded and smiled stickily. "English, I guess."