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"Well," he said, "ef Gumbo Rollins aims to be honest an' open an' abovebode wid us, w'y that puts a diff'unt face on it. But so fur ez I heared tell, you an' Gumbo Rollins ain't been so thick ez all this up till now. I's wonderin' whut does you 'spect to git out of the little transaction fur yo'se'f?

Then, aided by three of Moore's stoutest hands, whom we found waiting for us in the pine wood, we carried the whole treasure back, and lodged it in the strong room which had been the retreat of Gumbo. The conclusion of my story shall be very short.

Since then I have been loyal to southern gumbo soup, and have always eaten it wherever it could be obtained, and I never put a spoonful of it to my lips without thinking of the rebel girl in the hospital, who prepared that dish for me.

Once or twice, Harry, who could see the pew where the house servants sate, remarked these very attentive; and especially Gumbo, his own man, in an attitude of intense consternation. But the smockfrocks did not seem to heed, and clamped out of church quite unconcerned.

It amazed Archie through the whole of a long afternoon to reflect how swiftly and unexpectedly the blue and brilliant sky of life can cloud over and with what abruptness a man who fancies that his feet are on solid ground can find himself immersed in Fate's gumbo.

"Hum, looks like Jube no, that first letter's a 'K' I guess," and Mr. Wilson turned it upside down, thinking that would help. "I made it out a 'G'," said Tom. "So it is. A 'G' you're right. Gumbo Twamba that's what it is Gumba Twamba. I can make it out now all right." "Well, where, for the love of my old geography, is Gumba Twamba?" asked the lad with a laugh. "You've got me, Tom.

He demolished them in a sermon, in which all the logic was on his side, but the U.S. Government has not, somehow, been affected by the discourse; and when he came to touch upon the point that all men being free, therefore Gumbo and Sady, and Nathan, had assuredly a right to go to Congress: "Tut, tut! my good Mr.

Trembling with passionate rebellion against what he conceived the injustice of procedure, he vowed actually shrieking out an oath, which shocked his fond mother and governor, who never before heard such language from the usually gentle child that on the day he came of age he would set young Gumbo free went to visit the child in the slaves' quarters, and gave him one of his own toys.

"Come on, we'll walk up an alley and I'll snap you just as if you were on the way...." "No, I won't do that!" "won't do what?" "won't fake it ... if you want a picture of me on the way, it will have to be on the way!" "Of all the fools! Ain't the alleys muddy enough to be like the gumbo you'll have to plough through?" he teased. But I wouldn't allow him to take a fraudulent picture.

Not without a pang of remorse, he laid aside his mourning and figured in a laced hat and waistcoat. Gumbo was always dexterous in the art of dressing hair, and with a little powder flung into his fair locks Mr. Warrington's head was as modish as that of any gentleman in the Mall. He figured in the Ring in his phaeton.

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